Friday, November 12, 2010

Video: The Braves thank the fans for an awesome 2010

If you're on the Braves email list you've probably seen this already. :) If not, here's the link...

Braves who speak into the camera are listed below, with my comments. Please excuse the extraordinary number of exclamation points -- I miss baseball too much. :)
  • Heyward - So smiley and handsome!
  • Hanson - Looking less uncomfortable than usual!
  • Rossy - Playoff beard starting? Looks good!
  • Jonny - Aww, love ya! ♥
  • Brooksy - Should definitely be a broadcaster when his playing career is over.
  • Ankiel - Scares me a little, haha!
  • Ske - He-Man! ♥
  • Wags - We will miss him - he came across as one of the good ones.
  • MattE - MattE is awesome. What else is there to say?


Alison said...

J-Hey just always seems so relaxed; kid's only 21, can you believe that???
Tommy also looks a little more relaxed; maybe J-Hey's rubbing off on him?
Rossy's playoff stubble is great. I love it.
Jonny is super cute in spite of the fact he mumbles a little bit and looks kind of shy. :D
Brooksaaaaaaay! That's all I have to say.
Ankiel is soooo angular. :D
Ske = hearts infinity always, with his toothy smiles. ;)
I already miss Wags... I love how authoritative and confident he sounds here.
Mmmmmmaaatttttaaaaaaaaaaaay! (<3)

Lauren T. said...

Hanson - definitely looks like he's had some practice and/or coaching. Much more comfortable!

Jonny - it's the eyes. ;)

Ske - "...and maybe..." haha