Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Random December Baseball Convos

Some random baseball conversations I’ve had recently...

Babysitting tonight - the 6-year-old boy had baseball memorabilia all over his room, and I asked him if he plays. "No, but I love baseball. Like, LOVE IT." "Me too!" I replied. His 4yo sister: "I know; my daddy took me the place you go all the time, and I got airbrushed on my face! [big grin] Can we go back in the summertime?" Of course we can, hon!


My cousin Andy was hanging out at my place today, and while he was on the phone, he picked up a baseball card that’s on the second tier of my coffee table. I joked, “That’s my boyfriend!” He laughed in his Andy way, and I said, “Well, one of them...” He put the card back down and I said, “No, seriously. One of the real ones.” His eyes jumped, and I laughed. I love it when he can’t tell when I’m kidding. :D


My mom’s non-Braves boyfriend has been David Wright for a few years. When she sees a Mets game at the Ted, she literally stops what she’s doing when he comes up to bat to watch him on the Jumbotron – it’s super-fun to see. Well, she IMed me during the Cliff Lee tornado, “how’s my girl?” Instead of sending back a typical “fine” or “awesome” I replied with...

[12:58] Me: hey girl! doing my makeup to go babysit - gonna be there till 10:30 tonight
[12:59] Me: watching MLB Network -- the Phillies signed the CUTEST player overnight
[12:59] Me:
[12:59] Me: Cliff Lee
[12:59] Me: he's also amazing
[13:00] Me: too bad he'll be kicking our butts!

We talked about a few other things, and then I got this...

[13:10] Mom: I just pulled up the picture of Cliff... who does he look like?
[13:10] Mom: familiar face...
[13:12] Me: I don't know
[13:12] Me: he usually has a beard
[13:12] Me:
[13:12] Mom: really cute!

She might be changing boyfriends soon. ;) We'll see. 


A few days ago, I accidentally stumbled upon a message board where gay men were posting the MLB players they lus…  er… enjoy looking at, along with pictures. Alison and Molly and I had the best time looking at all the pics and commentary (the best commentary), and here’s a bit of the convo Molly and I had about it…

[23:39] Molly: one guy listed Farnsy and Lopez? I find that humorous. So very different
[23:40] Lauren: right?
[23:42] Molly: oh gay men are the sassiest and I love them
[23:45] Molly: I wonder how the different players would react to reading these posts by other men?
[23:45] Molly: haha now that I would LOVE to see!
[23:46] Lauren: well, the saying goes... first come the gays, then come the girls!
[23:46] Lauren: so if they're smart, they'll be happy ;)
[23:47] Molly: :D

Heh heh. I love my gay friends.


Alison and I have an ongoing, neverending conversation about MLBers on Twitter – the interesting ones, the self-promoting ones, the boring ones, etc. This week, we somehow kept going back to the Blue Jay we only call “Lunchbox”, and how we want him to cook us steak. :D As I drove home last night, it came back up again, and we spent a good 10 minutes discussing how much of a 48oz steak we could eat. Me: “Dude, you do realize that’s a pound and a half of meat each, right? In one sitting?!” Alison: “I could put down a pound.”

Y’all, seriously. How is she the skinny one?! :D

Hope your Christmas shopping is close to finished! Stay warm, lovvies!


Alison said...

Hahahah!! Awesome. I like that this is how you chose to quote me. PS... I COULD put down a pound... it'd just take me a while.

Lauren T. said...

Would you rather me quote the OTHER conversations we had that day? ;) Wait, no... I'm the one who didn't want that quoted. Heh heh.