Monday, January 17, 2011

Thawing Out

Everyone warming up now? Did you see these pics and video from the Ted?

Icy Turner Field Video ~ View of the field ~ View of the dugout

I was iced in for a few days -- good times! Hope you all stayed warm and safe!

Here are a few more links you may want to check out...

- Video of Freddie Freeman discussing the rookie career development program (love the attempt at beard stubble here.)

- This week is rookie development week at the Ted -- Carroll Rogers has more details at the AJC blog on what that entails and she lists a few of the invitees.

- Random super-cute video of JJ talking about Curacao (from 2009? this is the first time I have seen it, I think)

- MattE went to the Pirates early minicamp and reunited with McCutchen. (I won't be posting every MattE article I hear about, but this was interesting to me and I know I have a lot of MattE fans who read the blog, so here you go.) Also, there's the pic of him in the sidebar in the Pirates tee, and it's weird. 5 years in Braves gear... it'll take me a minute to adjust.

- I'll be entering the Babes Love Baseball Ballpark Photo Contest (ends Friday 1/21)! I just have to decide which picture to submit... I have three in mind. If you enter, please share your entry pics. I'll share mine when I decide which pic I'm entering! :D

- Did you see Alison's super-cute BMac doodle? Hee hee. (ETA: She added more!)


abraves25 said...

Please, keep the MattE stories coming. i know i speak for many here when i say this. we love him!!

Lauren T. said...

Will do! :) He seems like a good guy. I'll keep following his career, for sure.