Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Backpack switch!

I wondered what happened to 2010's original rookie backpack!! This was a random story embedded in a Yahoo Answers response to a survey about how many games you attend and if you've ever met any players. "Alex" says:

i'm a huge braves fan and i attend many games a year. two years ago, i met kris medlen and he signed my little pony backpack (rookies in the bullpen have to wear girly bags like that and that's the one he has). i also met eddie perez (bullpen coach/former catcher) last year. i always get right field seats next to the bullpen and before each game i hang out by the bullpen and watch the pitchers warm up. so he always recognizes me because of my backpack. he's thrown me baseballs and he told me that if i brought another girls bookbag that he would get the bullpen to sign it. so i did. and instead of signing the one i brought, he took the one i bought and made jonny venters take off his and gave me venters' backpack. so everyone in the bullpen (with the exception of saito and billy wagner) signed the backpack. it's my prized possession and i dont let anyone touch it. i cant wait for the season to start so i can get some more autographs
Eddie's so friendly; I love it. What a fun story! :D

More stories...

- Bleacher Report article on Kimbrel as next year's closer

- Comment #123 here makes an odd accusation about EO. Is he diabetic? Is this just BS?

- Great stats-heavy article on Jonny's rookie season

- MattE says he's been getting to know his new teammates

- This was new bullpen guy George Sherrill's intro song when he was with the Orioles. Think he and Ske are going to be friends? :)


CABravesFan said...

Ah, LT! You never told us you got to keep the Bullpen Bag! How sweet! ;)

I would think that line about EOF has to be made up or the author meant a different person- I imagine we wold have heard someone mention it if he was is odd though

Lauren T. said...

Aren't you hilarious! Trust me, if I had one of the bullpen bags I'd post a picture immediately!

And the EO thing - I googled quite a bit and can't find anything. So odd, right?

Elissa said...

Lauren T. said...

You can't believe everything you read... the official reports during the season were that he was "fine" and regained "all" his weight, but the latest news from the Braves is that EO has regained 25 lbs and he never got fully healthy during the season. ;)