Sunday, January 9, 2011


It's really cold in my apartment, but I'm not as cold as a couple of the Braves on Twitter. ;)

Moylo and Freddie

Ohh, I'm sure plenty of girls would help warm you up, Freddie. Heh heh. Especially after reading the rest of the joshing...

Freddie's tweet ~ JHey's response ~ Moylo's response

OK, that's hilarious! :D I replied via Twitter that's the best tweet since he made a kissy noise at Moylo on his bday. (I actually laughed out loud at that one. IIRC, Molly said, "It was all good until the 'muah'." ...Yep, I'm still laughing about it.)

Hope you're all staying safe and warm! Here are some more things to read while you're iced in with all the milk and bread and tp you bought this weekend. ;)

- My all-time fave Brave didn't make it into Cooperstown yet again. Sad face.

- Chipper's not happy that he's not the center of the Braves' advertising campaigns anymore. Well, I don't go to the Ted to see him, that's for sure. None of my close friends do, either. I don't mind a grin like this being the new face of the franchise. This one's pretty cute too... this one's pretty cute three! (That just came up in a GIS and I couldn't not share it, haha! Sorry Nate.)

- Scott Proctor is organizing a clay shooting event in Florida at the end of the month. Several current and former Braves have signed on to attend -- Farns (obvs), Jonny, Ankiel, Todd Redmond, Brandon Hicks, and a few other athletes.

- You may have seen some of the Braves tweets last week, helping advertise for former catcher Johnny Estrada's new pizza place in Newnan, GA. Apparently Javy, Huddy, and new manager Fredi were there, among others. I also heard after the fact that my fave Mr. Venters was there one night. If we'd known that I'm sure a few of us would have headed down! :) Too bad he wasn't on the advertised lists, but he's not as popular as Javy and Huddy yet. One day? Anyway, here's a really great article about the Estradas and their business venture.

That's it for now! Bundle up, lovvies!


CABravesFan said...

That beautiful Mac smile...I never tire of seeing it ;D

Lauren T. said...

I knew you'd argue if I called anyone else the face of the franchise! :D

CABravesFan said...

It's such a pretty face ;)