Friday, January 7, 2011

Uggla extended

Let's be honest. This is the only part of the press conference that made me feel better about giving Uggla a 5-year-deal before he plays a single game with a tomahawk across his chest. From

"We had Dan under control for one year," Wren said. "If we had waited until the end of this year, he's going to get at least a four-year deal [as a free agent]. So it behooved us to go ahead and do a five-year deal now and make sure he was going to be an Atlanta Brave ... at the end of the day, it was somewhat of a simple decision for us."
That does make sense, but as I said on the FB and on Twitter, I only feel about 10% better about this whole deal. Change my mind, Uggla. I'm not a fan yet. (And still smarting over losing a couple of lovvies.)


suitecheeks said...

Agreed. I have never really been an Uggla fan. And I hate that we got rid of good people for him.

Lauren T. said...

Thank you!! :p