Sunday, February 20, 2011

"I don't want to get choke-slammed for making a joke in the cheap seats"

"They're all just busting on me and treating me just like I've been here for the last couple of years," Uggla said. "They're not just trying to be nice and stuff. They're being nice, but they're giving me [garbage]." ~
I think Mac's quote, the title of this post, is the best part of that article. Uggla is a little scary, isn't he? My friends who've met him say he's a nice guy, but they're guys, so... it's different.

Oh, the other best part of that article is that Chipper's already hurt on the first day. :D No, I don't wish ill on anyone, but I'm a realist. I don't expect him to play 160 or 150 or even 125 games this year, in spite of how much he's been puffing his chest in interviews. He's still a declining player with a history of injury. He's no Mike Hampton, but... come on, man. Don't work out like Prado if your body can't take it anymore.

I do love that we're considered underdogs in the division, though. I'm always rooting for an underdog, a bubble player, a utility guy, a reliever. The stars get their fans.

OK, I have to stop being grumpy. Pictures? Funny stories? Yes, let's.

From local radio personality Jeff Dauler's Foursquare
I love that Fredi throws BP and fields with his players. (And I'd rather see EO on the bucket, obviously!)

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Lauren T: question
Lauren T: do you watch Seinfeld
CABravesFan: not often
Lauren T: ok
Lauren T: there was an episode where Jerry dated a woman who looked amazing in some light and horrific in other light
CABravesFan: I think I remember that one
Lauren T: and he would only eat with her in the restaurant in one booth, because she actually looked good there, haha
CABravesFan: :D
Lauren T: I feel that way about DLowe sometimes
Lauren T: this picture is his good light
CABravesFan: haha!
CABravesFan: yeah- he looks cute there :D
Lauren T: he HAS good light!
Lauren T: you know what I mean?
CABravesFan: yes :D
Lauren T: there are times when he looks really good!

Don't get excited; I'm not on the DLowe love train. He amuses me most of the time, and I like how much he WANTS to pitch, but he's not my #1 fave starting pitcher. (Or my #2.) (Sorry, DLowe.)

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AJCBraves' twitpic
Remember back when Langy was on the team, and people had co-birthday signs for them at Spring Training? Happy bday to Langy too!

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Speaking of former Braves, if you're a DeRosa fan, this article is awesome: Healthy Mark DeRosa ready to make impact on field (Do I not have a DeRo tag on the blog? I guess my DeRo love predates the blog, haha! He's a long-time lovvie.)

Also, here's a video of Charlie discussing his time pitching in the Dominican this winter. Still cheering for ya, Charlie!

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Freddie Freeman made the rookie mistake of breaking out a pair of shiny red spikes at his locker.

"Who talked you into those shoes?" Jason Heyward, sitting across the way in the Atlanta Braves clubhouse, asked in a disparaging tone.

Freeman shrugged off the insults.

"I make 'em look good on my feet," he finally declared.
AP article - "Future is now for Braves' kids Heyward, Freeman" - more here. I think we need to see these shoes!

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Local Albany, GA news coverage of workouts - watch the short video for Chipper, Mac, Fredi, Freddie, and JHey. 

Much less grumpy now. Thanks for the IMs, friends. I love y'all. :) As always, feel free to comment via the comments section here on the blog, FB, Twitter, email, or the Meebo box. Your feedback helps me know what/who you want to read about!

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CABravesFan said...

Ok- first question (and it's going to be CAPPY to express my outrage)-HOW ON EARTH CAN SOMEONE WRITE AN ENTIRE ARTICLE ON DERO AND NOT INCLUDE A PICTURE????? DERO IS YUMMY!!! WE NEED PICTURES!!!!!!

OK, outrage expressed. Moving on.

That was a lot of smileys on my part- I can't help it. It's a disease. I want to see RED SHOES (and I'm betting it was totally Jason that told him they'd look good ;) ) and I've totally forgotten what else I was going to say in this comment that is rivaling LT's post so I'll stop.