Thursday, April 7, 2011

Opening Day meetup!

Let's fill it up, Lovvies!!!

They just announced on the Braves / Brewers broadcast that gates will open at 4:30pm on Friday for the 7:30pm game. I'll be there when the gates open, of course, and I have a party of 25 coming along and at least 50 other friends who will be there. I'll be watching BP from my usual spot in left field / left center. If you'd like to come and say hi, I'll be wearing the gray Wild Card shirt and my face is over there in the right column. (Yes, my hair pretty much always looks like that, haha.)

Don't be shy! Say hi! I've had a few people who've IMed me to say they thought they saw me at an event and were too shy to say hi, but dude, I'm a pretty friendly girl. Unless you're a creep, we'll be fine. :)

I'll also be there early on Saturday, same spot, navy shirt. I love meeting other Braves fans!

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