Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BMac's bombs on his day off and CoryGearrin's first Big League Win!

Sports Illustrated Photo of the Day by Braves photographer Pouya Dianat
(click to enlarge, it's amazing!)

On McCann:

"I admire anybody that comes off the bench and hits two home runs, one to tie it and one to win it. What people don’t understand is catching every day is really tough on your body. And he grinds it out. To have a day off, mentally, he’s shut down, and then you’ve got to get your body ready to go pinch hit with the game on the line and focus. And for him to do that, really impressive."


"Just fired up for him. Part of me wants to give him this huge hug and part of me wants to kick in the groin because he made it look so easy. I just grinded out nine innings and he battled my tail off, and he comes in and hits two homers. I’m so happy for him and us."

Carroll Rogers always writes the best stories and gets the best quotes for the AJC. The. Best. :D Here's another...


On getting his first big league win and sent down:

“It’s been a roller coaster but I’m on the roller coaster so it’s fun. It’s a huge win, finishing out that homestand like that and getting the guys to a west coast trip with a W. Mac coming up huge. I’m going to go and keep pitching, whenever they need me I’ll be ready to go again. I was excited to get my first big league win. If you are going to go down, I guess that’s about as good a way to go. I’m excited to get back to work, and whenever they need me I’ll be ready.”

Here are some more pictures and videos from the big win. Way to go Mac! (And way to get Cory Gearrin his first win before we had to send him down! I AM STILL ANGRY ABOUT THIS.)

AP Photo - You'll be back soon, hon!
Alternate crop on the photo above, also by Pouya Dianat
Getty Images
AP Photo - I love this one!
Getty Images - the closest we got to a headlock still frame!
Getty Images
Getty Images

AJC Gallery (Amanda sent this link to me as soon as it went up, and some are pretty hilarious!)

Video highlights from this game

McCann ties it, wins it with homers on day off

Gearrin optioned after first big league win


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