Saturday, May 21, 2011

Does chewing tobacco help your low back feel better?

Okay, that was a little bit snarky. Sorry Huddy, I do hope your back feels better soon. My fibromyalgia locks up my hips more often than any other part of my body, so I should be nicer... but really, the tobacco in the cheek... it's not a good look.

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(Well, at least we'll never wonder if he was a 'roider. He's still so thin!) :)
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(This is better.)

Huddy...get the back massaged, drink a lot of water, get some good rest, and please... no more pictures like the first three. Yuck.

Feel better soon, Huddy. We love ya! ❤

eta: A friend - a girl - who was once dared to keep a wad of tobacco in her mouth "for one full minute" said it gave her more of a buzz than anything else she's ever done. Maybe he needed the extra energy... but I'm sorry, I still think tobacco is gross.


slappywhite said...

Huddy and the rest of the boys need to cut that out. My daddy and grandfather both died from cancer brought on by tabacoo use. The kicker is they both had quit. Apparently the toxins never really leave your body. My papa was 16 yrs clean and my daddy was 9 yrs.

My daddy died 3 months before the birth of my brother's first child. He said he wanted to live to see the baby but he didn't make it.

It's easier said than done when it comes to kicking the habit but they need to at least try.

Lauren T. said...

Last year, B and I counted the boys we saw using some sort of tobacco, and it was a crazy-high number - something like 21 of the 25-man roster. They do so much for cancer awareness and helping kids with cancer, yet do something every day that can cause cancer in themselves... it breaks my heart a little.