Saturday, May 21, 2011

CABravesFan went to last night's game!

She sent over two whole pictures. Gee, thanks. ;) Well, at least they're of a couple of boys we super-love...

Jonny and Kimmeh hanging out in BP
#39 ~ #46

She also sent over this cute story...
There was a dad holding his tiny little boy in a #31 Maddux jersey standing on the wall...everyone else was hooting and yelling at Jonny. He was looking for someone to give the ball to, saw the dad, pointed - gave a dazzling smile - and tossed it to him.
I asked if there was any wrestling or glove-kicking or boys getting in trouble, and she said no, they were all very well-behaved. She's very curious about how tall our Kimmeh is and would like to see him standing next to Meds -- wonder if Meds got to make this trip?

She said she seemed to be in the middle of Freddie's cheering section and it was very loud -- so glad Freddie had so many cheering him on in such a horrible loss last night. :)

Thanks so much for sharing, CAB!


CABravesFan said...

Dude- I was using my phone camera! Send me a real one and I'll take lots of pictures!!! :D

I saw someone that could have been Meds, but it was hard to tell- he was kinda far away and wearing a jacket (as was Huddy when he came in from the pen- which was HUGE and made him look 12 ;) )- It was really not cold out...what's up with that?

Lauren T. said...

We've discussed this - you have a real camera. ;) But I appreciate your efforts and I love the ones you chose to take pictures of for us.