Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Contests!

First, please vote for my friend Matthew Kaminski, the Braves Organist, for the Sprint All Together Favorite award. If you're logged into your MLB account you're entered to win some prizes and junk, but the most important part is getting Matthew his recognition for all the entertainment he brings us every game!

Every time he plays "The Office" for Ryan Howard (my suggestion! still cool to hear!) or plays "Don't Bring Me Down" when he knows I'm there for batting practice, it brings a smile to my face. (I still don't know how that became "my song" - the only part I know is the oooOOOooo! - ha - but it's "our song" with my BFF Holly too, and we don't know how it became our song either...)

Anyway, read more about the Braves Organist here, and you can listen to his NPR special that ran last summer here. You might even hear my nervous voice for a few seconds! And hey, I forgot to mention this here, but it won a big time award recently, too. Way to go, Philip and Matthew!

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Second, there's a wonderful Father's Day contest going on in MLB. From the MLB press release:
Major League Baseball has launched the “My Dad, My MVP” online contest as part of the MLB Father’s Day celebration, giving fans a special opportunity to celebrate the father figures in their lives. The contest on, the official Web site of Major League Baseball, allows fans to submit a short narrative about why their fathers or father figures should represent their favorite MLB Club as the Father’s Day “MVP Dad.”

During MLB’s annual Father’s Day activities, one “MVP Dad” per MLB Club will take part in pre-game activities, be recognized during an on-field ceremony and receive special MLB merchandise and two tickets to the game. For Clubs that are away on Father’s Day, another home game in June will be selected to recognize its contest winner. Entries may be submitted beginning Wednesday, May 11 at and will be accepted until the submission period closes at 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 1.

“The love for the game of Baseball has historically been passed down through generations, and this campaign recognizes our fans who make a difference in the lives of their loved ones,” said Tim Brosnan, Executive Vice President, Business, Major League Baseball. “We feel that it is a fitting way to commemorate our Father’s Day celebration, and as a Dad, I know how special it is to be an important part of my children’s lives.”

I entered my super-cute dad and will post the link to ask y'all to vote for us if we're selected to be on the MLB website. He's wonderful and I love him so much!

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amanda said...

How precious. Daddies rule. <3