Saturday, May 7, 2011

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Cardinals 4-29-11

Okay, this looks like Freddie had the tiny kid sign a ball for him in return. If this is the case, could we possibly love Freddie Freeman more? No. No we couldn't. ❤

This evening started out pretty super-fun and went super-downhill. I went with my brother, his girlfriend, her best friend and her boyfriend, and my friend David, who found a set of tickets the Braves put on Twitter! More on the upgrade later, let's look at some batting practice pictures first. Click to enlarge!

My brother. "I'm going to get a home run, Sis."
Me: "...Okay."
Brother: "No. I am. You'll see."
During Cards BP, he actually fought for a Pujols home run and got it. A guy pulled out a $100 bill and offered it to him, but my brother is a kind soul and just gave the guy the ball for his son. The guy gave my brother an Alex Gonzalez homer he'd caught earlier in return, so he has a Gonzo home run ball now. My brother cares as much about who hit the baseball as I do about autographs - it's more about the story, you know? :)

Glove low-five
Moylo's still looking way-thin!
They were...mirroring each other? It was cute. Also, I heart CoryGearrin. Have I mentioned that today? :)
for Girl JV
Who is this Cardinal? He was heckling back the hecklers by making the crowd scream - literally scream left, then right - for a baseball, then he'd throw it in to the bat boy. I kinda liked him. :D
Hi Matt Holliday.

After beepee I went to visit with some friends and saw the Braves' tweet, saying come find these upgrade tickets! Well, our seats were in the nosebleeds and I wasn't too excited about sitting up there, and I knew *exactly* where the picture was... the only problem is, it was across Fan Plaza and there was a concert going on. I knew there was no way I could get there before someone else got to the tickets first, not when almost 40 people had already seen the tweet. So I went back to talking to my friends, la la, went to take Huddy warmup pictures...

Huddy looks a tiny bit scared by the interim pitching coach, hee hee.
Huddy in the pen
for Pam

So while I'm taking Huddy pics, Dave walks up and flashes the Twitter upgrade tickets! NO WAY. Do I want to sit with him? Why yes, yes I do!! They were in 108, above the visitor dugout, and included 755 Club access. Peace out everyone, this is my new view!

No complaints!
Beardy Smiley
I've tried so many times to get a good pic of their chest-pat switch-off and it's always blurry. Guess it's not meant to be. *sigh*
Did I mention these seats are amazing?
"Five fo Fweddie", 5yo SJ says
I'm just going to smolder here for the Twins
There are approximately one million EO pics in the full album. They are all good. Look at them.
Usually I like good facial hair. Chris Carpenter... better without it.
Socks Up!
Fantastic ERA
Hit it. Try. Heh heh.
OK. Kimmeh has a new closer's intro: "Welcome to the Jungle". While I'm not opposed to the song for a closer, I AM opposed to these graphics. Whoever thought aqua / teal lotus leaves and swirly vines is intimidating doesn't know what they're doing. It's bad. BAD.
Go. This wasn't Kimmeh's best outing, and we went into extras...
Hi Alison. Hi Molly.
Absolutely flying up my list of Fave Braves: Cory Gearrin
"I am going to throw you very hard, and you are going to swerve a lot, but don't worry, it'll only hurt a little when you land."
It's getting dark... the end is near...
My favorite cotton candy vendor! He has the best shoes.
The umpiring got worse and worse through the game. By extra innings, the fans around were hoarse from screaming. Fredi's look of disbelief here reflects how I felt that night.
Hi Beardy Rossy! Suntrust Club Guy with Sunglasses was talking to him.
Braves did not win. Everyone was angry.

Thanks for sharing your ticket upgrade, Dave! That was pretty awesome!


Alison W. said...

I love all Gonzo pictures. I love all of his faces, even the mean looking ones. They. Are. AWESOME. Smile. Smolder. Glower. I don't care. I love it.

Hi Marteen. C'mur.

I like the Cory Gearrin talking to the ball pic.

AND I was WAY angry about that game. :(

glad you got awse seats though... still so way jealous. :)

Alison W. said...

Just for the record. Whatever song Kimmie was using before was 92348394739 times better. I openly despise Welcome to the Jungle--way less BA than Enter Sandman--and the stupid swirly 12 year old girl vines are stupid and swirly. Not at all BA. :P

Lauren T. said...

We talked extensively about how "girly" this closer intro is. Inappropriate for him, in our opinions.