Friday, May 6, 2011

Hinske talks pinch hitting with FSN

Our favorite He-Man talks about his preparations to pinch hit every game. Love these "Sunday School" videos -- more please!

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I'm now 4 games behind. I have a lot going on right now, not much down time. I'm *still* not finished editing the pictures from last Friday. Should be able to get it going this weekend. Today's schedule: visit Grammy in the rehab home, get a replacement phone (because this phone keeps dying randomly and replacing the battery isn't working. Thank goodness it's still under warranty), work, see my boyfriend...

He's the best. :)

Anyway! I have a lot to do! And I'm very excited for Monday the 16th -- my girl Jenna invited me to do the Batting Practice experience with her!! She's a season ticket holder and asked if I wanted her spare ticket. Yes please! Scary to stand behind the little white picket fence, but it should be fun, right?

PS -- Thanks for all the birthday wishes this week. I had a wonderful day! ❤

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