Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In a funk today

Finally not sick anymore, this weekend's pics are taking too long to edit, and I'm trying not to be too grumpy. It's my birthday tomorrow! I should be excited!

...Except, I'm not a child, and birthdays lose their luster after a while. Also, I'm not having a bouncy house birthday like a certain little girl I know is having next week. ;) Oooh. Maybe I SHOULD go jump in a bouncy house somewhere. That would be awesome. Where can I do that?

Oh well. Here's a preview from last Friday's game. I'll have these up soon. :)

They were mirroring each other, sort of? It was awesome.


amanda said...

How long has this new banner been up? LOVE.

Lauren T. said...

I put a post up announcing it... a couple of weeks? :)