Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rossy's got moves

Alison was over last night during the game, and while she was gushing over Alex's giant grin (which, granted, was adorable), I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing during Rossy's dance here.

Infinitely better quality - video posted by FSS!

...Wait, is that dancing? It looks more like... um... I'd better stop talking. ;)

I also loved Joe Mather's reactions. Yeah yeah, seen it. 

Sorry about the video quality... I recorded the TV with my digital camera - DVR is protecting the games now, legal junk and all that. Again, I don't earn any money from this site, so please don't sue. Just wanted to share this brilliance with those of you who didn't get to see!


Ariana said...

Oh my... LOVE ;)

Alison W. said...

You act like I didn't squeal when I saw Rossy showin' off his boom-BOOM moves. I only asked you to rewind it like, 10 times. And I take it all in all at once, thank you very much.

Lauren T. said...

Okay, fine, you did. ;) It was cute. And we did have identical reactions to Rossy's face appearing on-screen on that Extreme Makeover Weight Loss show! This is why we're friends. :D

katie said...

this totally made my day. <3 Rossy!