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Lots to share, avoiding "real life" stuff I need to do...

Like my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow morning, haha. Poor kids. :D (Oh, I'll get it done. Just want to close all these tabs first!)

Pictures! Articles! Video! What do y'all want to see first? How about pictures...

So yum.
I keep saying Joe Mather looks like Frenchy and Pete Orr had a baby; doesn't he?
June 1 - Getty Images
Jonny mislabeled as EO here. Both lefties, not the same!
June 1 - Getty Images
TWICE. See it here. Jonny  EO!
June 1 - Getty images
Gorgeous shot of Kimmeh.
June 1 - Getty Images
A save for Scotty! How exciting!
June 8 - Getty Images
Y'all knew I was going to post this. ;)
June 8 - Getty Images
Excellent takeout attempt, Alex!
June 8 - Getty Images
Bring it, ace!
June 9 - Getty Images
So over you, Bat...
June 9 - AP Photo
Freddie Running makes me not miss Frenchy Running at all!
June 9 - Getty Images
Of course, he's running because he's hitting SO WELL. And we love it!
June 10 - Getty Images
June 10 - AP Photo
Do NOT throw at our boys! NOT ALLOWED.
June 10 - AP Photo

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Video of Jonny's last K for the save a couple of nights ago is up on LINK

If he's not an all-star this year, something's seriously wrong with the selection committee! He's become a bit of a media darling lately - nationally, everyone's finally realizing how amazing he is. (And the best part is, every time he's interviewed, he's still coming off as humble as ever.) - Venters an All-Star? “It’d be the coolest thing ever” - The volatility of relief (Buster Olney actually talks about JV a lot if you follow him on Twitter - I love it.)

Yahoo Sports - We’re Going Streaking! Jonny Venters is baseball’s best reliever

...Oh, you're tired of me talking about JV, aren't you. Yes. OK, fine. :)

I've been hanging on to this in an email forever... did you know baseball players can "die" in video games? Like, by being struck by a line ball to the FACE? This is horrible, and I've been debating whether or not to share it. Poor EO.

And in real injury news, can we please discuss Prado's staph infection?!! article article

Staph infections can be nasty and they're very painful - I know, I had one as a complication of chicken pox that landed me in the hospital for a week when I was a teenager. Three surgeries later I have a scar on my jaw that just kinda looks like a dimple from afar, but I still have a little lingering nerve damage. I really, really hope Marteen's doctors get all his taken care of the first time, he heals up well, and he's back soon. We need him! 

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Ending on a light note, I love it when we get glimpses of the old friendship between Huddy and Rossy. Take this story, from
It doesn't take much to get a fun story out of Atlanta Braves catcher David Ross.

Ross is tailor-made for the yarn-spinning aspect that makes baseball players and baseball unique.

Mention 1997 or the College World Series and see what you get.

Better yet, ask about the 1997 College World Series — or the road to it — then sit back, settle in and enjoy a fun ride down memory lane.

"I was watching the game the other day and just bringing back memories of college and how much fun and a team game it is and how exciting it is," said Ross, who at the time was the back-up catcher at Auburn University as well as a teammate of Tim Hudson. "I was telling somebody how good 'Huddy' was back in college. That guy was SO good. I mean he's good now. But he was one of the best in baseball at that time.

"Just fun memories, we were telling a bunch of stories about doing a lot of rah-rah stuff in the buses and on the bench and some good times that we had in college," he continued. "It's always nice to see that. It brings back the kid in us and really makes us excited about watching that kind of game and how different it is than [the Major Leagues]."

Or this exchange, from last night's postgame quotes...

On having no walks but two wild pitches, sort of an odd game in that way

[Hudson starts to answer, then sees catcher David Ross standing a couple of lockers over, within earshot. Ross caught tonight's game.]

“If I had a catcher back there that could block the ball….”

Ross laughs, interjects loudly, “I about blew out both hips trying to catch those.”

Hudson smiles, “I don’t know how he didn’t catch that ball, hell it almost went in the dugout.”

Make sure you come to the stadium on June 17 for your free Tim Hudson shirt! First 10,000 fans for the Friday night game against the Rangers! (Also, um, Braves? When can we get Ross shirts? We need #8 shirts. Thanks. Love, everyone.)

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