Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Dude... Uncle."

I knew it might take a little bit for Uggla to grow on me, but dang it, he's doing it. Busting his butt and never complaining through his struggles gets him an A+ in my book -- I will almost always root for a hard-working underdog, especially when you have a good feeling they'll come around at some point.

(Socks Up helps too.) ;)

He definitely looks like he's turning a curve in this Houston series -- he hit a bomb today and even made a joke about the crazy number of extra-inning games we've played lately...

From yesterday's AJC...


Chipper said a bunch of guys came out early today and hit?

“Yeah, we had early hitting. That helped out a lot. I’m doing some different things.”

One day at a time?

“One day at a time, one at-bat at a time. Long way to go.”

Can you believe all these extra-innings games?

“Dude … uncle.”

(Just to clarify: He was calling “uncle” about the extra-innings situation, not about the interview. Just don’t want anyone to misconstrue — he never cuts short an interview, has been a stand-up guy throughout this ordeal.)
AP Photo
Love it. Keep it up, Huggla!

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From those same Saturday postgame quotes in the AJC, I really loved Schafer's comments...

“I’m just trying to get on base, that’s the only thing I’m trying to do. Whether it’s walks, bunts, hits, whatever it is. My only job is to get on base, try to score runs. Try to aggravate the pitchers so the guys behind me get better pitches to hit. Get in scoring position so those guys have RBI opportunities.”

Again, hustle. Love hustle.

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There are a few players we don't hear much about off the field, and our bullpen's George Sherrill is one of them. This story showed up in my inbox this morning and I definitely had to share -- what a good guy!

Fish hurlers mentored local lad drafted by BoSox
As a former Goldeyes bat boy and assistant clubhouse attendant, Ben Dartnell got lots of advice from Fish hurlers.

“Two pitchers really helped him,” Paul said. “George Sherrill used to come here an hour early just to work with him, and Zach Baldwin (who is still with the Goldeyes).”

Sherrill, of course, would make it as a reliever in the Major Leagues.

An hour early! That's awesome. ❤

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Still not tired of these!
June 11 - Getty Images
I think it's the tongue. :p
June 11 - AP Photo
The lighting on this is just gorgeous! Mike is starting next Thursday too.
June 11 - AP Photo
"Atlanta Braves' Brian McCann smiles as he watches the ball go over the wall for a three-run home run in the 10th inning..." Well, I wouldn't call that a smile, exactly. He always bares his teef when he bats. It's kinda like saying Cliff Lee smiles when he pitches (which, I like to think he does, but he doesn't.)
June 11 - AP Photo

One more game in Houston! Wish we could stay there! :)

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