Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Google searches

Sometimes the oddest google searches bring people here. 19 people have googled "braves love hazing" and clicked through to here in the last two weeks. Lots of people are looking for info about Baseball 101 (there still isn't a date set for 2011 - I just asked again). Tons of people want to know how tall Jerome Jurenovich is - I've walked past him in the concourse, and he's over a foot taller than I am. He's very tall. Here are some other searches since June 1 that you might find interesting... and I'd love to know what brought you here!

  • martin prado interview ~ This phrase is my #2 search since the beginning of the month. He's so popular!

  • jeff francoeur catie ~ Zillions of searches (still) on Frenchy, his wife, their wedding pics, if they have kids, etc. Nosy little fans! haha

  • dan uggla at-bat music 2011 ~ The intro songs page is by far my most popular individual post for 2011.

  • peter moylan girlfriend ~ Pretty sure they're just trolling for pictures, as often as he mentions his fiancee on twitter! ;)

  • jordan schafer shirtless ~ This post has become very popular again after Schafer's callup. I still want to know where he was when that pic was taken.

  • braves commercials ~ I'm sorry, I will always giggle at DLowe and Huddy. "You wanna see this thang?" "Very impressive! Very impressive..." You can see them all at

  • joe blanton's calves ~ Two whole searches for this! YES. I am not the only one who loves them (and his high socks).

  • katy temple ~ We miss her horribly. Wonder what she's up to these days? She was an awesome clubhouse reporter.

  • song with get your hands up played at braves ~ Another intro song question, and there are a lot of searches about BMac's song (All I Do Is Win). I do love seeing all the hands go up at the Ted when BMac comes to bat. :)

  • atlanta braves quotes on love ~ ...What?

  • bill hohn sucks ~ Popular opinion among Braves fans. Heh heh.

  • brian mccann balding ~ ;)

  • chipper jones ringtone iphone ~ I don't know what this means. Is this person wanting to know what his personal phone's ringtone is, if Chip has an iPhone? Do they want a ringtone for their phone with his intro song? Do they want a ringtone of him talking? :D At any rate, my blog doesn't have a wealth of Chipper Jones information. There are plenty of places for that, people who are bigger fans of Chipper who can provide more information.

  • clint kimbrel hair ~ I don't know who this "Clint" is, but Craig has the bro-hawk, which also has a lot of searches. FSS did a pre-game interview about it when the guys were just in Florida. I really like Kimmeh's, but I'm a little partial to him because our hair is pretty much the same color.

  • cute alanta braves player ~ What, do you want a list? They all have their own qualities. I talked about this with CABravesFan briefly, trying to come up with a short list of guys you could apply the label "cute" to... She said Kimmie, then Mac, and said my suggestion of Huddy was inappropriate, that Huddy's too good-looking to be "cute". She's probably right. I agreed with her assessment that Meds is "cute", and I said that if Cory Gearrin was up right now, he'd be on the list. (Love that guy!)

  • is ______ married ~ Hmm. Probably. Or he probably has a significant girl. They pretty much all do.

  • jessie venters walk out song ~ Oh no. I have failed.

  • massage therapist job position for atlanta braves ~ I would like this job. I do have the education, I did an externship in the AHL in school, and I do have a high level of professionalism and integrity. How do I get this job? Obviously other people want to know too, but I'm sure it's a closed system.

  • pink freeman shirt braves ~ Cute! I would wear a pink #5 shirt.

  • subscription refund choptalk ~ I asked, and they were sending the checks in the mail in order of how much money they owed you, biggest checks first. I received my refund already (it was somewhere around $30, I don't remember the exact amount).

  • what are good seats for a day game at braves game ~ Terrace level or Golden Moon Casino Level. I prefer the even-numbered seats for a day game because the sun sets on that side, so it gets cooler faster over there. (That's the visitor's side. You're not on top of our dugout, but you can see into it, if that helps?)

  • who are the people who take your picture at a braves game? ~ Photographers who put your picture up on the Braves website. I don't let them take my picture anymore because the pics never come down. There's one still up of a friend and I from 2007, and everyone can flip through all the albums every day. I'm not a fan. I go to so many games, a few of the photogs and I kinda know each other and joke about it now. One's really cute and let Alison and I take his picture for our blogs. :) ...On the other hand, I do feel sorry for them. They have a quota and have to take something like 500 pictures before they are free to watch the game / go home every night, and they're only paid something like 7 cents a picture. Maybe it's 10 cents now? I don't know, but it is an incredibly crappy amount of money.

  • y is smokeless tobacco better with mountain dew ~ This question makes me cry inside.

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A few pics to share from the last few games, then I need to run some errands before heading to the Ted...

I love the road navys.
June 8 - Getty Images
Love it when guys just smile as a reaction to a bad call.
June 12 - Getty Images
June 12 - Getty Images
June 12 - Getty Images

On pitching ninth in save situation, second time in four days

“I just try to go at it the same as I would the eighth [inning]. I felt good today. Just keeping the ball down, and it worked out.”

You knew you might get the ninth inning today after Kimbrel threw 30 pitches Saturday, right?

“Yeah. Craig threw a lot of pitches yesterday and they wanted to give him the day [off]. That’s the only reason I was in there today, I think.”

"The only reason"?? No. You are amazing, and you're going to be an all-star. I called it last All-Star game - I have a lot of friends who can back me up on this!

Beautiful shot of the field (and Schafer, I guess) ;)
June 14 - Getty Images
Go Joe!
June 14 - Curtis Compton, AJC
Love ya, JJ. We all have off days.
June 14 - Getty Images

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