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Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Mets 6-15-11, Braves Delta Day

Alison: You look pretty Asian here... ;)
Me: Well, I am 1/4!
(Also, I was laughing.)
(Also, how hot is Moylo here. Best uniformed picture of him ever, in spite of me being in it? Maybe. He looks great!)

Before heading to the game yesterday, I noticed some tweets from the Braves and some people I follow mentioning it was Braves Delta Day and that you could win a chance to meet Moylo. Now, Moylo's been one of my fave Braves for years but somehow I've never had a chance to speak with him face-to-face. Delta told us to find the flight attendant at the Ted at 4:30, and I'm all... where? ...Okay?

So on the way to drop Alison's ticket at will call I saw a giant sign welcoming everyone to Braves Delta Day, and there were pretty white tents all over Monument Grove with games and events and things. Surely the flight attendant had to be in one of these, right? I dropped the ticket at will call and wandered around. If I found the Twitter tent and was one of the first 25 there, cool. If not, I didn't have anything for him to sign! I was not prepared for this -- didn't have time to go through / print pictures, find his baseball cards from Uncle James or Steven, nothing. Luckily there was a Twitter bird on a flag outside one of the tents, and they were gracious enough to give me an extra ticket and shirt for Alison, too! Be at the home plate patio at 5:00, the event starts at 5:00, Peter Moylan will be there and sign things, and it will go until first pitch, they told me. (Wow, that's a long time, I thought.)

Alison was on her way from work, so I went to watch beepee. My friend David found me in my usual June-through-August-it's-so-hot shade in the outfield terrace, and we discussed our Jason Heyward bobbleheads and he asked how long I was going to watch BP. "I'd already by over there," Dave said. Ha! True, he would. And honestly, if I'd known Moylo wasn't scheduled to be there till 6:00, I wouldn't have gone over there at 5:00 either. It was gross hot under the tent in the patio. But! They had plenty of free food and drinks and beer and everyone was taking advantage. (I had a few chips and some tomato slices - I was too hot to eat! - and some Powerade.) The delightful steward was getting everyone drinks and when I asked for water he goes, "how boring." Ha! Dude, I'm still fun. ;)

Must also mention - it's always fun to run into blog readers and Twitter followers at the Ted. Thanks for saying hi! I saw an even ten of you just at this event -- very cool!

So let's backtrack to BP pics, and I'll fill in the rest of the story as we go, because the rest of the story mostly goes with the pictures, okay? :) Remember you can click to enlarge...

Kimmie's shoulder is HUGE, y'all. Look at it. Wow.
Rossy's hot.
I was showing Crista my BP pics in the tent and she said, "What is this? Wait. I don't want to know." I thought it was pretty self-explanatory!
What's goin' on over there?
Jonny was today's waterboy
And gave Brandon Hicks a nice hug from behind!
HUGS! Thanks boys. Y'all know I love some bp hugs.
Freddie's learning to stand properly for his BP pictures. Kidding!
(...I just typoed "kissing". They say there's a bit of truth in every joke!)
Heyyy Beachy

Oh, guess it's time to walk over to the home plate patio. And be DLowe-streaky-hot for an hour. But then Moylo walked up all teef and glowy-white in his uniform and everyone swarmed him. It was kinda hilarious, and it seemed like he was having a great time. They made everyone line up and I ended up next to a couple of blog readers who drove down from Tennessee especially for the event -- one had a sign and everything! Adorable. So here are some pics...

Moylo with a fan
Will's autographed Moylan shirsey - Moylo used his Sharpie first and just kept using it, haha. Poor Sharpie.

Alison made it from work literally right before it was my turn; I was about to start letting people in front of me! And it's funny... I usually assume the Braves have no idea who I am, but Moylo and I have swapped a few tweets and his tattoo artist and I have chatted a bit and I've written so much about him here over the years, I just kinda assumed he's run across the blog at some point. I always hope they take what I post in good humor, and luckily, this guy's got a good one. He didn't photobomb our pic (which would have been awesome), and instead, opted to look megahot. Did you see him up there? Really.

He signed my visor (a birthday gift from Laura, I've only worn it once so far!) and took pictures with Alison and I.

Another great pic of #58! So photogenic!
This is what happens when two cameras are going at once. Oops.
Blackberry pic of the visor! (tweet)

So. Moylo was awesome. Spent plenty of time with everyone, very funny, total doll. A+ people skills. A few people even went through the line more than once, which amused me. Good luck with the rehab, Moylo! We're looking forward to having a healthy Aussie back on the team again soon!

Like I said, I was very unprepared for this game.
I did not know it was supposed to rain!
Getty Images
Pic I took with my Blackberry on the way to our seats; we were lucky not to get stormed on at all

Our original seats were just a few rows up from the field, and Dave was in the same section, so I snagged him on our way to the Delta upgrade seats. "How are you going to get me into the section?" Oh honey. It's not my first time getting a friend in with me. I have a ticket for this section. Be nice to the usher. It's fine. ;) And it was, of course. (Dave didn't budge from his seat until we left, haha.)

Oh, did I mention there were two rain delays? There were two rain delays. *sigh*

Crowding for cover
Hail, color saturated so you can see it well
Those boys amuse me so much. ❤
Huggla & Gonzo
We were too far away to get decent shots of Huddy pitching, with the movement and all. Sorry, Huddy.
What would it look like if He-Man played 1B? Now you know.
Alison: There's your cotton candy ginger. You gonna get some?
Dave: You have a... you call him 'your' cotton candy ginger? HAHA
I feel I should explain. I go to a lot of games, yes? The ushers, the security guards, the ticket takers, the cashiers, the food servers, the fan photographers... we all see each other a fair amount, yes? So I have a favorite gate to go in, where everyone knows me there. I have a favorite beer vendor (even though I don't ever buy from him), and he's my fave because he's a big huge flirt. (The very close #2 is the vendor who sings "iiiice cold beeeer, iiiice cold beeeer..." in tune to the tomahawk chant when the chant is going, and everyone around him starts chanting with him - then buys from him! ha!) And this is "my cotton candy ginger". I like his neon hat and his basketball shoes. Last year the shoes were orange, like his hair. Yes, I tend to call things mine that aren't mine at all. It's usually pretty obvious whether something's actually in my possession, right? ;)

JHey, back on his bobblehead night!
Rossy amuses me too.
Hi Joe Mather. I'm very upset he was the closest and none of my shots came out well. *sigh* Another time... We did yell, GO JOE! for him. Hope he heard it. Love this guy!!
AP Photo
Atlanta Braves right fielder Joe Mather (4) catches hail stones in his hat during a brief rain delay before a baseball game against the New York Mets, Wednesday, June 15, 2011, in Atlanta.
*shrug* It's barely misting! What's wrong with you guys!
Fairweather fans!

(Easy for me to say, I stayed under cover all night. Heh heh.)

Rain delay #2
They showed us the Phillies / Marlins and Yankees / somebody game on Braves Vision. Loved watching the Phils / Fish game on the big screen - that was a lot of fun.

When they announced play wasn't starting again until 10:50pm, and we realized we all had to work this morning and we were only in the 4th inning, I was the only one who wanted to stay... but I didn't want to walk to my car by myself after the game, so I left. (I hate leaving before the game is over.) (Safety > fandom) It wasn't a great game anyway, as we ended up losing 4-0.

That is all the stuff from this game. The visor was mine already, but the autograph is new. The JHey bobblehead was the giveaway for the day, I forgot to include the Joe Mather gameday program, and everything else was courtesy Delta. That's a do-rag, a towel, a 3/4 sleeve tee, a lanyard, and a tomahawk. Thanks, Delta! It was a good day. ❤

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