Thursday, June 30, 2011

Top Pinch Hitters

Why yes, I did take a picture of my TV so we could discuss something in the sidebar of Intentional Talk yesterday. :)

See, I get a lot of crap from other fans (and even non-fans) because I love so much on the players who aren't headliners. I love utility guys. I love bullpen guys. There's something awesome about a balllpayer who is good enough to be on a major league roster but doesn't get the attention of a Derek Jeter or a Doc Halladay. There are roles to be filled - every team has them, and every team needs these guys.

People who don't know me well find out I'm a Braves fan and smirk, "Oh. You love Chipper Jones." Like this is a statement of fact. Well, no. Then I start listing off some of my favorite Braves, and people who don't follow the Braves have no idea who these guys are. It's kind of fun to see their faces.

Point is, I love MLB Network and their supercoverage of my favorite sport. And I love that they show some appreciation to my boys who never make it into Top Anything lists because of their specialized roles. Look how many Braves and former Braves are in the list above! (Yes, I starred them for you.) Way to go, Brooksy, Ske, and MattE! And aww, Wes Helms. :)

(Also, how awesome is Intentional Talk. I love Chris Rose and Kevin Millar cracks me up, so it's been season-passed since the first episode. SO great.)

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amanda said...

I never watch MLB Network (or much of anything besides braves games) but now I feel like I'm missing out.