Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seattle Sweep!

Getty Images - June 28
Me: This is our closer.
BFF Holly: I know, you've shown me him before.
Me: [sneaky voice] How old does he look?
BFF Holly: TWELVE. With facial hair. Hee hee, so cute.
Me: When can I take you to a game again? ❤
AP Photo - June 28
For Emily ;)
AP Photo - June 29
This is what safe looks like. Too bad the umpire didn't see it this way!
AP Photo - June 28
Aside from the baggy pants, Mr. Sherrill doesn't look like he belongs in this era of baseball. :) Some people just look like they belong in another time period, you know?
Getty Images - June 28
My mom last night, looking at Mac's hair in one of my pictures: "If you covered up this part of his face and I just saw his shaved head, I'd never have known that was Baby." I love that she still calls him by my pre-beard "babyface" nickname for him. :)
AP Photo - June 28
BMac hit .571 in Seattle. All-Star? Yes. MVP? YES. Get it, Mac.
Getty Images - June 28
"Checks his pants", hee hee. Also, I love a dirty uni.
Getty Images - June 27
I can't decide if I like the beard or not. I am partial to a gingerbeard, but it still seems a little thin. Maybe once it grows in a little more I'll make a final ruling. ;) If it's really fat like Mac's, LIKE. If it's thinner, like Jonny's, that's okay I guess. If it's like Charlie Morton's facial hair, FAIL. Shave. :D
AP Photo - June 29
❤ Freddie Running ❤
AP Photo - June 27
My mom thought Beachy is way cute. "I'll bet he's very popular with the girls." I'll bet you're right, Mom. :)
AP Photo - June 29
I make jokes about myself getting red and streaky like DLowe when I get too hot in the summer, but no. I don't get like this. This is scary red. Poor guy.
AP Photo - June 29
Can we please discuss 1. why King Felix's uni is unbuttoned past the letters, and 2. why none of our guys do this? ;)

I can't believe, as much as Eric O'Flaherty pitched in his hometown this series, there weren't any fancy pictures of him. I did find a couple of articles, though. Enjoy!

Mariners Notebook: O'Flaherty finds himself with Braves
The Mariners put the left-hander on waivers, the Atlanta Braves claimed him and O'Flaherty quickly learned that there can be happiness elsewhere.

"It was kind of tough because I'd just bought a home here," he said. "But at the same time, I thought if this team doesn't want me, I need to go where somebody believes in me and it's a fresh start. I went over to a real good, positive environment."

O’Flaherty happy to be back in Seattle with Braves
Coming back healthy and with a team in contention was what he wanted.

“It’s good to come in and get some wins, too,” he said. “We’ve got a tough couple of games ahead of us [Tuesday and Wednesday]. They’ve got some good pitchers — but we do, too.”
Oh, we took care of business. :D

Speaking of, and going back to Kimmie for a second - and I should probably call him by his real name when talking about something so serious, but I like nicknaming him - did y'all see this tweet from DOB?
Kimbrel, by the way, got to 100 career strikeouts Mon. in 59-1/3 inn., fastest #Braves pitcher ever (Rocker had the mark, 100 K in 70 inn)
That is AMAZING. Love that guy.

One last story... written by Huddy himself about his return from Tommy John.

Baseball Player's Miraculous Comeback
One night near the end of the 2008 season, we played the first-place Phillies, in Philadelphia. Well, my teammates played. I watched from home. We lost the game, the fourth straight time they’d beat us. I flicked off the TV. If only I could have pitched tonight, I thought. I carefully flexed my elbow. It wasn’t coming around like I thought it would. My surgeon had warned me there’d be days like this, that every rehab had its peaks and valleys. But this particular valley had lasted too long.

Oh Huddy. ❤

Finally, all votes must be in by Thursday night at 11:59pm for the All-Star Game. BMac should be the starter, but those middle-America fans are pretty rabid and loooove their Yadi, so we must make sure he gets the votes he deserves. Click the image above to go straight to the voting ballot, and let's max out all our email addresses voting Braves!

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