Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New art in my apartment


My cousin Emily was over Sunday night, and noticed the chalkboard still bore remnants of the flower she drew in my last apartment. "Where's your chalk," she asked. "What do you want me to draw?" Oh babycuz. I don't care. I'll like anything you do. Surprise me! ;D

Emily suggested fruit, because I always have fruit in my apt, and Alison suggested she draw strawberries since  Em already had pink in her hand. Well, the strawberry turned into a turnip? Sort of? And the next thing I knew, this is what was on the chalkboard. A tulip, a baseball, a pink turnip, and an apple with #46 on top.

We were super-amused.

Emily hearts #46 a little bit. While I was writing this post, she MMSed this over...


We are going back to a game soon. :)


Ariana said...

Cute :)

Lauren T. said...

After she sent over this one (she loves Kimmie the most), she made one of Jonny and Chipper. Not sure it's finished... it's a riff on a joke I made earlier in the season and it's kind of hilarious. She's awesome.

amanda said...

OK that is hilarious.