Sunday, July 3, 2011

2011 Braves All-Stars!

YAY All-Stars! I've been waiting for an excuse to post one of these pictures, and y'all are sooo going to laugh at this. :)

This is the first time - ever! - I've met all the Braves who've been elected to the All-Star team before they go. Since I look ridiculous in all except one of these pictures and I don't mind laughing at myself (at all), here are my personal pics with our Braves 2011 All-Stars!

Brian McCann!
I met BMac for the first time at a golf tournament in '06. People often ask me often how tall he really is, and if he was soft. I didn't feel him up! I knew he had a girlfriend. ;) He did smell nice, though. The GSU hat makes me laugh. My hair was fuzzy, and this was pretty early in the morning. (So tired.)

Jair Jurrjens!
Snuck out of work to meet JJ at a Publix autograph signing last year. Asked him what happened to the blow pops, we missed seeing them eat them in batting practice? Glad a few of the boys are eating them again. :)

Jonny Venters!
Called it last year, and told him at this autograph signing a couple of weeks ago he was going to Arizona. He didn't believe me, but was I wrong, Jonny? No. You're awesome. :)

Chipper Jones
1995 ~ Make-A-Wish Foundation Christmas Party
That's his first wife, my little brother Kevin, and my awesome hair. I should probably cut it like that again. And rock that sweater / turtleneck combo again. I'm pretty sure I was wearing hunter green tapered-leg Lee jeans and penny loafers, too. :D

Sunday night addition - Craig Kimbrel!!
He gets his own post because this happened so late. Click here.

Congratulations, Braves!


MollyG said...

You look adorable in the Chipper pic and very Ringwald-esque. Chipper on the other hand looks horrible. Something about his smile is super creepy.

Lauren T. said...

"WHAT ABOUT PROM, BLANE?!" haha. I got a lot of Molly Ringwald comparisons back then. :)

And yeah... he didn't make any fans that night in my family. Such a shame when good rookies don't treat fans nicely at a charity event. You lose them forever.

Elisha said...

Speaking of good rookies. I was at the Rockies game last Thursday and Freddie Freeman literally jumped up in the stands and signed for every single person that lined up down there around here, and there were a ton of people. I already loved him, but he just bumped up huge points after that!!!

Lauren T. said...

That's sweet - I've never heard a story like that about Freddie. Thanks for sharing!