Sunday, July 10, 2011

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Rockies 7-6-11

Look at the back of their jerseys!

It doesn't take much to get Jennifer or I to the Ted. "JJ's pitching." "Let's go." "Okay!" She couldn't get there until around 6:30, so I BP'ed alone again - always an interesting experience.

Oh, and I'm a super-klutz and I fell off a curb across the street from the Ted and seriously twisted my ankle. It's still wrapped, and this is when living on the 3rd floor kinda sucks. But we won! And I got some good pictures! Let's look at them. :) Click to enlarge... y'all know the drill...

probably gossiping :D
o hai kimmeh
CoryGearrin's so nice!
I always assume they're pointing at girls. Hee.
Was she hot or crazy? We'll never know. ;)
Was on the phone with Alison for part of BP and was actually concerned Rossy may have been clean-shaven. Took this to see whether or not he was - *whew*, it was just shorter. Keep the beard, Beardy Rossy! I know it's hot, but it's hot.
Glove bump!
Making sure everyone's staying hydrated
Love this teen and her homemade shirt! Good girl!
Thirsty boys
Kimmie was twirling this one lone baby Dasani...
...spun it all the way to the wall
And tossed it over! Hey!! That big guy looks thirsty! hahaha
If I didn't know better I'd think some of the men were modeling today
All-Stars, raise your hand! ...Oh, you guys will make it one day. I have confidence in you. :)
Must. Stretch. Groins.
Yeah, it's gross. GROSS.
Oh, stop looking so awesome, both of you. I'm mad right now.
I'll just take pictures in this direction now.
Oh, fine. I know. They almost all dip. I just gotta get over it. :)
Heyyy Ubaldo. I love his license plate commercial.
Matt Lindstrom! One of my favorite relievers in all of baseball!
Ske in RF!
Had requests for Tulo - he's second from the left. 
Freeman's Seamen! HA
Seriously, Ubaldo's cute.
All the boys have been hanging out in the downstairs lately. What's up with that? (And what's the real name of their little bullpen dugout? I always call it "the downstairs", haha. Surely it has a real name.)
Working on NL-leading win #12
Love Ske's ABs
What are we going to do when Marteen & Chipper are both back and healthy?
When Linebrink came in, I think two people clapped / cheered for him. The other one may have been his wife.  He's not  bad, people! CHEER FOR YOUR BRAVES!
Sherrill's been fine too!
I like it when they sit backwards on the downstairs. :D
LOVE Uggla's hop!
And Mac's hands!
Braves win!!
All-Star Jurrjens!

Full album here! Hmm, what did I leave out. Oh! A video that you can barely hear...

And I tweeted about this, but random fans at the Ted are often amusing. It always amuses me when guys want to guess how old girls are. I don't hide my age but I don't really volunteer too much information to strangers, either. A guy we were talking to guessed a number and I told him he was four years off (thanks!) and he went younger. (Double thanks!) A guy in front of him, who I thought was kinda far to hear our convo, turned around...

Sober Blond Guy: Ten jumping jacks I can guess your age in one try.
Me: [cocks head, looks at him like he's insane]
SBG: [immediately guesses correctly]
Me: That's right, but surely you heard me tell him he was four years off and then saw me say I wasn't younger than he was guessing...
SBG: Okay, gimme ten!
Me: I never took that bet!
SBG: Come on, do it!

Uh, no. Guys reading this: this is not a way to endear yourself to a girl. :D


amanda said...

I love the license plate commercial too. I don't care about JV's dip but I'm mad looking at DLowe's pics. ITS MY BIRTHDAY, SHITHEAD. 76 pitches thru 4 innings. 10-1? REALLY?

Or did the phillies score more? I left in disgust to go get laundry detergent in the 8th inning.

I was having a great day too!

Lauren T. said...

Amanda, the Phillies scored more on Proctor. I got a great pic of him from this game (it's in the album) and I couldn't put it in the post because I was too mad at him. :D Final score was 14-1, 20 hits for the Phils today. :(

Don't let it get you down - just think! BMac's on his way to the All-Star game! :)

amanda said...

Yeah! Proud of our All Stars! Can't wait to see the parade. Honesty!

cal ;) said...

loved. this. whole. post.

especially: the picture of hinske during BP the one of d-lowe popping his hip out, and your frowny face w/ the arrow pointing toward JV's dip container. hilarious!

Lauren T. said...

Hee, thanks Cal. I love it when they look like they're posing. Kimmie does it a lot - I think that's just how he stands. :)