Monday, July 18, 2011

A short play about the mask situation today

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Actual IM transcript tonight, only slightly cleaned up...

[21:47] Alison: did you see Mac's face just now?

[21:47] Alison: hahaha

[21:47] Alison: I love that they replayed that

[21:48] Lauren: YES

[21:48] Lauren: Rossy's out there too

[21:48] Alison: !!!!

[21:48] Alison: look!!!

[21:48] Alison: Rossy mask!!!

[21:48] Alison: Rossy!!!


[21:49] Lauren: NO. I DO NOT. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

[21:49] Alison: it is hilarious

[21:49] Lauren: Mac is Mac. Rossy is Rossy. I do not like their worlds colliding.

[21:50] Alison: it's just a mask.

[21:50] Alison: and they just want to play

[21:50] Alison: and their expressions are hilarious

[21:50] Lauren: What if I showed up with straight hair, with green in it? hahaha

[21:50] Lauren: that would be gross.

[21:50] Lauren: people would be like, that is not right. 

[21:50] Lauren: ;D

[21:51] Alison: our hair

[21:51] Alison: and their masks

[21:51] Alison: are not comparable.

[21:51] Lauren: I'm laughing right now

[21:51] Alison: :p

[21:51] Alison: Chipper. You can stay in double A

[21:51] Alison: Marteen is here to stay

[21:51] Alison: ROSSY DID YOU FIX IT??

[21:51] Alison: I don't know

[21:51] Alison: I think Rossy's mask is magic

[21:52] Alison: look at how D-Lowe likes it

[21:52] Lauren: A lot about Rossy is magic.

[21:52] Lauren: :)

[21:52] Lauren: ^ that's an Eddie grin


flbravesgirl said...

I particularly liked that Rossy pulled off his own cap & put it on Mac. Big brother helping little brother.

Lauren T. said...

Rossy's going to make a good coach one day. :)