Monday, August 22, 2011

Clear your calendars

The setup on this video is so stupid. Both these guys played in October for us last year. Did no one in the Fan Cave research this? I can see our boys not speaking up, but come on.

Also, they're too cute. "Learn Korean." "I'm not going antiquing with Chipper Jones."


MollyG said...

Oh bless this video. Its so bad its good? They both did a good job but its a good thing they're really good at baseball ;)

MollyG said...

Also, why isn't Jonny in this video? He has previous acting experience! lol

Lauren T. said...

Jonny needs his own! Actually, I'd like a video starring JV and EO. Or our 7-8-9 guys. Or all the bullpen. or anyone and Jonny. Whatever. :)