Friday, August 5, 2011

Our ROY candidates visit the MLB Fan Cave

@MLBFanCave: #CraigKimbrel at the #MLBFC @Braves
@rwags614: Watching @mikeyoh21 shoot a segment with @FreddieFreeman and Craig Kimbrel.

Hee, Freddie's glasses! And Kimmie's wearing my favorite (current) jersey top of them all! If we see any video come of this I'll be sure to post. I know how popular these two are with y'all! :)

ETA: This MLB article is pretty adorable.

ETAA: Slideshow from the MLB Fan Cave website! CUTEST.


Lauren T. said...

...I really can't say anything about Freddie's glasses. My brother says mine make me look like a 50s diner waitress. They're pink (of course) and they're kinda the same color as my skin. I love them.

Ariana said...

So adorable...I love me some Freddie ;)
I'm really glad he made July's NL Rookie of the Month. Well deserved, Freddie :)