Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Braves Photo of the Day
Pouya Dianat / Atlanta Braves / Getty Images
August 15 - Getty Images
August 15 - Getty Images
August 15 - Getty Images
August 15 - Getty Images
Look at all the faces!
August 15 - AP Photo
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Keep up the great work, Freddie!


flbravesgirl said...

I love everything about this. Love it when they get excited & silly and love, love, love Freddie. If he doesn't make you smile you must be a terribly grumpy person.

MollyG said...

I cannot even put into words how awesome the Freddie + Gonzo pictures are. I just had my sexual harassment training and I'm pretty sure that qualifies. Its just so huggy and lovey and amazing of course.

Lauren T. said...

If it was a two-day training, I would suggest you take these pictures in with a Sharpie, to draw hearts around where things went "wrong". :)

Alison W. said...

Yes, Molly. My favorites were also the Freddie & Gonzo shots.

Also, the second to last picture, where Gonzo is still kind of hanging on, Marteen's butt looks fantabulous. And JC... yummm. so MANY Venezuelans... :D

speaking of Venezuelans... Gonzo and Marteen have the BEST shoes on the field. Agree?

Lauren T. said...

Have I not discussed here that Gonzo has my favorite shoes on the team? I thought I had. I know I've said it in person about a zillion times. :)

MollyG said...

Oh how I love our Venezuelans. Can we please make a "Venezuelan Love" shirt for a game?