Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Braves Bash and The Side Session!

The Braves have given our best Aussie a talk show!

The Braves hosted Braves Bash after the game August 14 -- it was a social media fan fest of sorts, where the players talked with fans on the phone, Skyped with fans, and there was a live show hosted by Moylo! Meds was there too; he was NOT the sidekick, though. ;) Moylo did the interviewing and Meds seemed to be in charge of the intro music and the dancing and the Twitter.

If you missed Braves Bash, you can watch a ton of videos here.

The Side Session, round 1:

(This cut removed my comment about Chipper's sliding shorts, haha!)

The Side Session, round 2:

The Side Session, round 3:

I was fortunate enough to be in the studio audience with a few other fans who tweeted a lot using the tag #BravesBash. There were maybe 25-30 people in the audience -- we really don't know who most of them were, but Murph gave a shout-out to one of his kids who was in the audience. :) I'm so glad my friends Jenna and Alison were there. It made the day so much better!

The Tweeps were all invited to the game, but I wasn't able to make it to my seat until the last out. (Literally the latest I've ever gotten to the game, haha.) We waited in 201 until some Braves employees took us downstairs, where we were told to "find a seat" in the Auxiliary Clubhouse. We weren't told anything else... so we just sat there. Mostly silently. This is another point when I was glad my friends were with me and I had been told beforehand that we were supposed to tweet during the event. Were we allowed to go to the restroom? Three hours later... was there a water fountain around anywhere? haha :)

But once you're sitting there and Moylo came in with his ridic-awesome Outback hat and Meds was wearing Jonny's All-Star jersey, everything felt pretty normal again. Well, for me, anyway. Moylo called out the audience on being creepy-quiet and I made faces. Whatever, these guys are just guys. We all put on pants today. :D

Y'all can all see the videos up there, but below are my pics and a few stories. Enjoy! And thank you so much for the opportunity, Braves! It was so fun!!

@DaleMurphy3 getting mic'ed up after he took a picture of the audience!
Moylo offered Murph a drink. "You don't want a beeyah..." [giant grin]
No, the practicing Mormon probably doesn't want a beeyah. ;)

Before we go further... please take note of how smooth all the men's legs are in these (horribly lit and therefore horrible) pictures.

Playing with his props while they set up
Meds setting up the music
Seriously. Look at his legs. ;)
There was a TV set up so we could see things in the other rooms, but we couldn't hear anything. I like how it looks like Moylo and Huddy are looking at each other here.
Heyyy Chipperlovers
More laughing!
...Wait, how many socks is Chip wearing with his sandals?
Murph enjoyed this so much!

Memorable stories from the first Side Session...

  • Meds read my tweet about how "someone in the audience" could see Chipper's sliding shorts. Yep, pretty sure Moylo made eye contact with me. They all knew who would tweet about that. ;D
  • When Murph was talking about his music, the dead silence from the audience was pretty great. I've heard of them all! ...I just don't own any of their albums.
  • Chipper walked out like he was in his 70s, not in his 30s. I told my cousin last night that surely he's on daily prescription anti-inflammatories and all sorts of other legal things to help him out, but the poor guy literally shuffled like Bobby. I felt horribly for him.
  • I was one of the only fans in the audience who wasn't really afraid to talk to my friends or people around that I'd met before. I wasn't loud, but it may have resulted in a good-natured shushing at one point. (Heh.) 
    • I told Moylo I liked his teef -- they weren't as blinding as they were when he first got them. He said it's from all the chewing tobacco, and I couldn't hide my grossout face. I said something else about the teef later, then when it was picture time I told him I'd stop teasing him about his teef online, that they really do look good. He's like, "No, don't! It's okay, really!" Heh, awesome.
    • I told Med I liked his jersey. Y'all know. :)

There was a half-hour break between sessions. Everyone, including Moylo, was like, half an hour?! We had no idea there was going to be that kind of break, but we weren't ever bored. Before round two, Huddy came in pretty early, eating white chocolate pretzels and greeted the audience with something like, "Hey everybody!" Typical Huddy. :) He was wearing white shorts and you know? Some guys can pull those off. Huddy did; my brother has a pair that look fine. I have an ex who could NOT and he kept wearing them. (awful.)

Anyway. For the most part, the players didn't talk to the audience. "How did y'all get chosen to come down here?" Meds asked us twice and Huddy asked when he came in. Other people piped up very quickly; I didn't answer.

Waiting for part 2.
See Moylo? I got you. Heh. :)

I told a couple of friends that when Mac was getting mic'ed he lifted his shirt and...

Lauren: you could see Mac's little belly through his white shirt
Molly: ewww
Lauren: he picked his shirt up to get mic'ed and I was like, hee hee! I want to pat it.
...that's not a normal reaction
Molly: no, not really
Cori: I want to rub it like a Buddha
Lauren: :D

I really confuse people with my Braves Love sometimes. Mostly I just want to hug them all and give them food on a daily basis. (This year, all the hugs? They are making my year. I love it extremely.) Having a bad day? I would sit beside them and tell them funny stories. Why isn't this a career? :)

Intro music for group 2: Justin Bieber's "Baby"! A question and a comment: Was this already on the iPod, and I'm taking this as an inside joke. Even if it isn't. ;)

Best Dressed award goes to Michael Bourn. He was head-to-toe perfect, and looked like he probably smelled nice too.
Kris: Excellent calves. Please consider Socks Up when you return.
Mac. Sweating. Love that Huddy called him out. It wasn't hot in there!
Huddy. Smooth legs. This is a pattern, yes?!
Bourn, McCann, Hudson, Moylan
Everyone - all five - is taking this job very seriously right now.
Cute Mac
There was a camera between Meds and I the whole time.
Huddy's legs are SHINY. Click to enlarge this one!

Another half-hour break. I mocked this a little...

Kimmie. Doll. Why are your sleeves pushed up over your guns. :D The best part is later in the Bash, his sleeves were down and they fit just fine!! Ha, this guy cracks me up.

Rossy came in, being all loud (as seems typical of every time I've heard him talk), "Who's smoking cigarettes in here? [saw the audience] ...Oh." (Um, no one. Did it smell weird in there? I think he was smelling things.) Then he made a beeline for the white-haired older lady on the other side of the room... "HI GRANDMA!" He was telling her where he was from and about his kids. Just adorable.

Marteen was beautiful and I didn't have to restrain Alison at all. ...Kidding, kidding. It was all very nice. Freddie sat in a locker - literally, inside one of the lockers - and I'm not sure he breathed until it was time to start.

Oh yeah, he sees me taking pictures.

Moylo: [to me] Stop taking pictures of Mahteen's [butt]!
Lauren: [points to Alison, who was doing the same thing]
Moylo: [grinning, shakes no]
Lauren: Don't worry, I got some of yours. :D

The room laughed, he turned red and hid his face, and that really was one of the best things that happened. Haha, I love Moylo.

He asked before anything started if we were on a 7-minute delay. Heh heh. This shows there was at least a slight delay!
This group was hilarious and brilliant
Totally can't remember what Freddie was talking about.
Martin reminded me of how I'd be up there - just making faces at all the crap, grinning a lot, and getting petted by my friends. ...I do get touched a lot. Alison says it's because I'm "so soft and curly!" I think that's meant as a compliment. I'm not even in the same galaxy as Martin, though!
Look at Rossy's adorbz face here! And his muscles. :)
This is around the point where I said a silent prayer that some of these Marteenface pics would come out. Again, the lighting wasn't very conducive for us. :)
He was not Jolly Singing Rossy today.
Molly: Marteen is so expressive and I love it. I want to crop out just his face in each one and make a flip book.
Let's all clap for ourselves!
Kris: Why are you clapping for yourselves.
Me: Heh.

If you liked these, you should really go look at the rest of the pics in the Full Album! Here's one last one I tweeted on our way out, then pics with the Big Star...

tweet link
@PeterMoylan with @AliPhoneIC
(Thanks for sharing this one, Alison!)
@jennab113 with @PeterMoylan
I like how they're looking at different cameras... oops. :)
@PeterMoylan and duh, me! @BravesLove
Long day.

I gave him finger guns for Gena in Philly and he returned them, then said woefully, "Do I really do finger guns a lot?" ...Yeah. You do. They're not coming across douchey, if that helps. It's just funny.

Meds disappeared before pics - apparently he had to go shake it for the camera before the show ended. Oh yeah, at the end of the third session we were apparently supposed to have a dance party? On camera?! I think the audience was a little lifeless, though. It would have been fun if we hadn't run out of time. :)

So! End of story. Amazing day, so happy I could go. Thank you Braves! See you again soon!! ❤


Alison W. said...

First of all, I wasn't taking pictures of Prado's butt. You were. Let's get that right. :P

Secondly, he said, "'EY! Quit tikin' pictures of my teammate's ***."
And after you denied it and tried to deflect blame on me while I was desperately trying to truthfully deny the accusation(thanks, btw), he said, "I saw you get your cameras out as soon as he walked across this stage!" Which is when I turned red. I don't know that this happened, per se, but I could feel my ears get hot.

Last but not least, Marteen was pretty much the best part of... everything. Ever. Because he is made of magic and he can do anything.

Lauren T. said...

1. I wasn't taking pictures of his butt, exactly. I was using my camera's zoom, trying to see what was on it. Turns out it was his mic pack - it totally looked like a pager or a phone case, and I kept thinking, there's no way Prado would wear his phone outside his pants like an old man. That's why I was taking a picture.

2. I think it's funny that you heard "my teammate" and I heard "Marteen". ;)

Also, this is why I needed you to help me remember the rest of the story? Some stories I remember all of. Some, not so much. You remember Marteen stories quite well. Hee hee.

3. You're hilarious. :D