Friday, September 2, 2011

The David Ross Show: Peter Moylan

1. Nice set! How'd Rossy score a better one than Moylo's? :D

2. The sound is really quiet, yes?

3. Moylo. Why can I see so much of your undershorts. Eh, better than Chipper's. ;)

4. ...Calendar? You guys have no idea how many searches this blog gets for shirtless Braves. If it's that sort of calendar you'll make a lot of girls out there very happy. (Especially if Mac is in there. It's, like, a daily hit.) (Also Chipper. I don't get that one.)

5. This was wonderful. More please! ❤

Thanks to the anonymous Meebo reader who notified me of the video Wednesday morning - I'm sorry I didn't have time to post until now!

1 comment:

Ariana said...

"Model-offs" in the clubhouse! Wow...interesting ;) ahahaha