Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Dodgers 9-2-11

doing his best

Well lovvies, I finally got a new camera. I don't love it. I took it to two games (Friday and Saturday vs the Dodgers), and frankly, the sharpness on zoom isn't what I want it to be. It has some manual settings and I basically spent these two games playing around with it, and I think I'm just going to get a pro photographer friend help me find a used dSLR. I'm underemployed right now so I obviously can't afford something like Pouya's setup, but on the other hand, I'm dissatisfied with the pictures that a smaller camera takes. So what do I do? :)

While I try to figure out how to keep making these guys look as good as possible for y'all... *happy sigh* ...here are some of the pics I took on Friday. There are only a couple in the album from BP -- I was working -- and I didn't stay for Dodgers BP because I went to cheer for a friend who was modeling in the Girls Night Out fashion show. So here we go...

hi boys
Jonny's glove is totally ready to catch a ball. ;)
Don't know what he's doing but I don't see a dip can ring so I'm not complaining at all. :) :)
I wish the Bat Boys got their names on the backs of their jerseys.
Every time I see Vizzy two thoughts go through my head.
1. He has a cute grin.
2. He was born in 1990.
Entirely different sort of "cute grin" than some of the others.
Dang, I've only been out here a few minutes!
Bye, boys. See three of y'all tomorrow for Field Day. :)
Hey, you know what the best part about this picture is?
❤ No dip cans. ❤

After I left the GNO fashion show, my cousinroomie met me in the 755 Club so he could get a beverage and I could introduce him to the pasta stand. He pretty much loved it (the pasta), a blog reader from Scotland stopped by to say hi, and then we headed down to the seats for the evening.

No fun backpack this year? Was last year super-overload or something?
That girl on the right, in the #5 jersey? That's not me. :)
Someone saw her over there from behind and asked if it was! No.
boys on the rail
T-Roy... I mean Mac... on deck
warming up Beachy
It's not clear enough. I am very dissatisfied with this camera.
Brown Brave. Alex? I think this is Alex.
Bossy Barajas, directing Beachy's bunt
Oh, he's much more bald than I thought. I still don't love the skinhead look.
...Why are you here?
Freddie looks good here.
I was trying out some manual settings here and didn't have the shutter speed prioritized, obviously. :p Clearly I know nothing about photography.
Decent mug shot, Mr. Wilson
If the Braves were going to remake the Rocky Movies, I could hear Ske saying,"I must break you" right here.
I don't understand this. Is it supposed to be like "Rock This House"?
No one else I know who attended games this weekend understands it either.
Uggla homer!
Nice curves, Freddie :)

Full album. There isn't much to look at. Sorry, all. Oh, there was one other funny thing... you know how they do the Jukebox, where we're all supposed to cheer for one of three songs? Then they play the most popular?

Me: Is that our only choice?
Andy: I don't think they know how their own game works.

Heh heh, good job, Braves Vision. I probably would have wanted to listen to this anyway. I like this song. :)

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