Monday, October 24, 2011

Walker, DeRo, Holland vs Venters

I haven't commented on our new hitting coach because I don't really have an opinion. Sure, Greg Walker is from Douglas, GA -- that doesn't necessarily mean he's the most amazing choice! ...But obviously, I don't know anything. I mean, look what Frank "Big Hurt" Thomas has to say about him!

How nice. (This article isn't so nice, generally, but has some interesting information.)

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The Braves have said that an off-season need is a utility guy.

Dear Braves,
Please please please bring DeRo back. He's wonderful.

Bowman's mailbag earlier this month brought up the question I've been wondering for a month, and it seems like it might be a possibility!
Do you see the Braves signing Mark DeRosa to be a super-utility type of guy?
-- Jeff M., Lakeland, Fla.

DeRosa's versatility could certainly help the Braves, and there's no doubt he would like to play alongside his good friends Chipper Jones and Brian McCann. His ability to play most of the infield positions and corner outfield positions would give manager Fredi Gonzalez some of the flexibility that he lacked with Brooks Conrad this past season.

But there are also concerns about DeRosa, who has recorded just 201 plate appearances since suffering a left wrist injury in 2009. He partially tore a tendon in his left wrist again this past May. After returning in early August, he hit .367 with just one extra-base hit (a double) in 49 at-bats.

While some of you might remember DeRosa as a shortstop during the early days of his career, he has made just two appearances (one start) at the position since the start of the 2007 season. Still, as long as he remains healthy, he certainly has the potential to give the Braves bench that it lacked this year.

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Last night's World Series game was a gem for Dutch. Afterwards, David Freese had this to say...
Facing Rangers starter Derek Holland for the first time in his career, Freese struck out in his first at-bat. He later grounded into a double play and grounded out to short.

"Very impressive," Freese said of Holland's night, which featured 8 1/3 shutout innings. "If I was going to compare it, it was kind of like facing [Braves reliever Jonny] Venters for eight innings. Same type of action on everything. Throwing offspeed for strikes. Spotting in. Tough battle."

Hmm. I don't see the similarities, from the perspective of a fan watching the game. Maybe the release points are comparable, and I know he was saying the look of the pitches was the same, just doesn't look all the same to me. Let's look.

Do you see it? Help me see it, please? I mean, Dutch had a great game, but he's no Jonny. :)

(...Aren't you proud of me for not comparing their facial hair? I think you'd know my opinion anyway.)

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