Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Answering the Mailbag, 1.3.12

Happy New Year! Hope everyone stayed out of trouble over the weekend. Every time I read the Braves Mailbag on the official site, I always answer the questions in my head before reading Bowman's (real) replies. Woo! Let's go. Here's this week's mailbag...

Oh yeah, don't take my responses too seriously... :)

The Braves do not need to make any big moves to be a World Series-caliber team. Why not sign Ryan Theriot and allow Martin Prado to prove that he is a MVP-caliber player?
-- James H., Altamonte Springs, Fla.

Theriot is gross. I've never liked him, and I don't want his skeevy face in our gameday menu. Um, I mean program. Yeah, program.

Why were the Braves not in on Carlos Quentin? It looks as if we could've upgraded our lineup without giving up Prado or Jurrjens. The Padres got him with two prospects that weren't in their top 10.
-- Greg R., Poca, W.Va.

Too pricey for our needs, I think.

I just read that Andruw Jones signed with Yankees for $2 million. I thought he would have been a good and cheap option for the Braves. Was a reunion ever discussed?
-- Chad S., Crawfordville, Fla.

Andruw's getting old. (Baseball old ≠ real life old, of course.) I'd like to remember Andruw as a Brave with dives in center field and hearing the Superman music blast over the stadium...not as an aging former star who can't play his original position anymore.

Several teams have young players with slugging potential coming up in their system and some are already in the Majors. Do the Braves have anyone that falls in this category?
-- Freddy D., Macon, Ga.

Honestly, unless it's a big name prospect, I usually only pay attention to the pitchers and catchers in the high levels of the system. So many players burn out - I don't have the energy to keep up with the stats of kids who are going to be a high school baseball coach sooner rather than later. (That sounds mean; I don't intend it that way.)

"Already in the Majors"? The only young player on our team that makes me think "slugging potential" is Freddie.

If Chipper Jones retires next season, what are the chances of the Braves picking up David Wright, Brandon Inge or another big name?
-- Jose B., Orlando, Fla.

Why are fans obsessed with getting a big name? Our 2011 team -- with quite a few all-stars but relatively few nationally-recognizable names -- was one game short of making the playoffs. We need to be more concerned with keeping our current team healthy rather than finding a big contract.

Also? We would probably have a higher budget if the stadium was more full. Just saying.

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