Saturday, December 31, 2011

Few more articles for the end of 2011

What a bittersweet year. Here are a few new articles you might want to read...

Braves Insider: Hudson's injury was front and center

Hudson threw a one-hit complete game shutout in the second game of a May 4 doubleheader [my birthday! thanks huddy! - lt], but his back stiffened during his May 20 start and he missed his next turn. An MRI then showed no damage to his sore back -- or so the media was told -- and he started once again on May 30 versus the Padres.
We have to remember that 1. the media doesn't know everything, and 2. incorrect information can be fed to the media so fans will think differently - or not think about a situation at all.

According to, you can take lessons from a future Brave right now:
Ongoing: Tyler Pastornicky, a two-time Minor League All-Star and current Atlanta Braves prospect, will be conducting professional hitting lessons in the Bradenton area. All ages and ability levels are welcome. Information: (941) 716-4890.

And here are a couple of articles on future Braves pitcher Jaye Chapman:

Chapman primed for next baseball step

Chapman eyes opportunity to make Braves roster

(Love this kid - can't wait till he's in Atlanta full-time)

Did you miss Fweddie's gay tweets? I sure did...


If you don't have MLB Network or missed Kimmie's GIBBY, here you go:

FABF Sherrill is officially back with the Seattle Mariners

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

In other news, everything's in the works for the new website/blog. Domain name purchased, web developer working on formatting, etc. Should be up by Spring Training. EXCITING.

And in case my parents are reading... my mom always says that birthdays that end in 5 and 0 are the big ones. It's a REALLY big anniversary today - hope they have a wonderful one!

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