Monday, September 17, 2007

Reunited and it feels so good

Moylan reunited with family: Braves reliever meets two-month-old daughter for first time

Best story of the year.

But that sense of pride couldn't top the one he felt when he was finally able to hold two-month-old Matisse, who seemingly took an immediate liking to her father.

"She fell asleep in my arms last night and she fell asleep in my arms before I came to the field today," Moylan said. "[My wife], Tracey, was saying they hadn't been able to get her to lay down like that. So it was a little bit of an ego trip for me."

When Moylan was forced to visit his dentist at 9 a.m. after getting very little sleep, he wasn't complaining. He'd been introduced to his new daughter and reunited with six-year-old Montana, the daughter who'd sadly missed her father as he spent the entirety of this long baseball season in the United States.

"She didn't let go of me the whole time, and I didn't let go of her to be honest with you," Moylan said. "So it was pretty cool."

Two things...

1. Pictures, please! C'mon, guys!

2. A tiny part of me wants to know why he had to go to the dentist. Hope everything's okay. :)

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