Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving '07

Things I'm thankful for, 2007 version:

  • Tommy's back! Woo!

  • The emergence of Peter Moylan, Matt Diaz, and Yunel Escobar.

  • Karaoke

  • Getting put on the big screen on my birthday at Turner Field, because our usher was awesome.

  • Matty admitting he watches "teenybopper shows" like 'One Tree Hill' on behind the scenes clips on SportSouth.

  • Hearing my own voice on Aussie radio during this post-season interview with Pete Moylan.

  • The Gay Lumberjacks

  • Attending the "Bobby Cox Paws Because" charity event with a very fun friend of mine, who will remain nameless because of the awesome things we experienced there. (i.e., overhearing conversations between the Amigos' fiancees, Tommy Glavine and Bobby Cox chatting before Tommy officially signed with the Braves, and Ashley's terrible, terrible wardrobe choices.)

  • The AP, specifically for pictures like this:

  • My very first MLB away game, in St. Louis' Busch Stadium. We lost 5-4 behind Huddy, but my StL friend got to hear me get all excited about seeing Pete Moylan warming up in a visitor's bullpen...and got to hear me gripe that Matty Diaz wasn't in the game. They both made fun of me for buying a #16 navy shirt especially for the occasion. Hey, I had to stand out from the sea of red and white! Anyway, here we are at Busch. Good times.

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