Wednesday, April 23, 2008

4.23 Gonzo-Glav-Moylan Update

I am very grateful to Dave O'Brien of the AJC for giving us regular updates in his blog.

By David O'Brien
April 23, 2008 6:33 PM | Link to this

Bennett feels good enough to pitch, Cox said….

UPDATE ON GONZO: I asked Bobby if Gonzalez might be here as soon as mid-May, and he said yes, he hopes so. So now it’s gone from all-star break to early June to late May to mid-May.

He’ll pitch in extended spring games starting tomorrow and Saturday, and after that he might begin a rehab assignment….

GLAVINE threw a bullpen today, not just played catch as originally planned. Went fine….

Oh, and I just talked to SMOLTZ at 6:30 outside the clubhouse, and he said he feels good today.

Didn't see Gonzo or Glavine at all yesterday, but saw plenty of Smoltz!

By David O'Brien
April 23, 2008 8:56 PM | Link to this

Crack, I talked to Moylan this afternoon. He’ll stay back here and rehab while team’s on road. When they return, he’ll throw and see how it feels. But they’re not expecting miracles. I’ll be shocked it it’s not season-ending surgery.

He didn’t give a very encouraging or hopeful response when I asked how he feels. Sort of a shoulder-shrug sort of answer.

He wasn't mobilizing his elbow when fielding BP yesterday...meaning, he could bend his arm to rest his hand on his hip but when it came time to throw, he was doing it with a stiff, flat arm. That was his sidearm motion -- the rest were either underarm or overhead-into-the-ground motions.

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