Thursday, April 24, 2008 Brave Hearts

One of the sweetest articles ever was posted this week at about Brayan Peña and Yunel Escobar...their childhood friendship, their individual journeys to America, and how their "let's grow up to be Braves" dreams came true.

On this March night, the first of the 2008 major league season, they wore the same crisp Braves uniforms that had so mesmerized them as boys. Escobar, a budding star, was the starting shortstop and second batter, Peña a backup catcher to two-time All-Star Brian McCann. "If you wrote our story," Peña says, "no one would believe it."

Full story here -- enjoy!


linda said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. The Braves are fortunate to have players who have gone through such trials to reach their dream. As Americans, this should also make us realize how fortunate we are that we can enjoy baseball with our freedom.

Escobar is proving to be a real talent. I wish that Pena would be given more opportunities. Perhaps a trade might be in his own best interest; however, I would hate to see the two of them separated.

Anonymous said...

thats great.

im not gonna lie, the part about myspace made me laugh. :DDDD