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More Fun with Google

The Braves are completely depressing me right now, so I thought I'd pop a post up about some fun things that y'all don't necessarily get to see. About six months ago, I put up a post with some of Google's top searches that led people to Braves Love, so I thought I'd update you on some of the more interesting searches and questions that brought people here...

Just like before, bold words are the actual phrases typed into Google that clicked through to Braves Love.

Top 10!

1. braves love
2. jeff francoeur wedding
3. jeff francoeur catie mccoy
4. brian mccann wedding
5. ashley jarusinski
6. brian mccann married
7. "sherry mccann" howie
8. francoeur wedding
9. brian mccann wedding photos
10. peter moylan

And the good stuff...

False statements

"javy lopez" duluth, ga
- Javy lives in Suwanee, GA, last we heard.

brian mccann tattoo
- As far as we know, Baby is tattoo-free.

jeff francouer tobacco
- I have never seen Frenchy using tobacco.

pete moylan divorces wife
- Pete and Tracey are still married, as far as the media has told us.

vote platoon diaz & brandon jones
- No! Don't!!


andruw jones + fat + pictures
chipper jones getting fat
francoeur fat
javy lopez getting fat
jeff francoeur fat

Looking for information...

"chaplain""atlanta braves"
- I have searched for this several times and cannot find an answer. I know they have one; Frenchy, Matty, and Teix have all mentioned him in interviews.

"braves" new outfield wall
- I took four pictures on opening day. See here.

adam diaz baseball players cell-phone number
- I don't know who Adam Diaz is; regardless, I would never post a player's cell phone number. Very rude.

age of matty diaz
- 30 as of 03/03/08

baby pictures of willie harris
- I really wish I knew where to see these! I'll bet he was adorable.

chipper's at bat song 2008
- "Let's Go", formerly "Crazy Train"

mark teixeira and his wife
- Mrs. Teix is *very* cute! Her name is Leigh, and here's a picture. (She's in the black dress.)

massage therapist for atlanta braves
- If you hear about any job openings, give me a shout, will ya? Don't get me wrong, I love my current job...but this would be a dream come true. I can't find any information that indicates the Braves have a LMT on staff like other clubs do.

propose on the jumbo tron at turner field
- I would say yes. ;)

So many searches about Kelly Johnson, and there's so little info out there.
- Agreed. I know he's not media-whorish like another teammate of his, but there's just not that much available on KJ. :(

tom glavines carrot cake
- I really want to know more about this. Does he have a special recipe?

And flat-out asking questions...

did jeff francoeur live with his fiance
- I've actually looked this up in the past and never found anything that indicates he did.

does anybody have pictures of yunel escobar wife?
Yunie's divorced now. :(

does jeff francoeur have any tattoos?
- Not that we know of.

does jeff love catie
- Bold question! I'm going with "yes".

how can you pick up peachtree tv
what channel is peachtree tv on local networks

- More info on PTV here.

how much to rent a suite at an atlanta braves game
- $2040 to $6000 per game. More info here.

how tall is jerome jurenovich
- I've received reports that he's in the 6'3" to 6'4" range.

how to get braves game day autographs
- Gondeee has written up a great guide to Turner Field that includes that information.

how to meet famous people+jeff francoeur
- I'd suggest pre-game autographs (see above), spring training, or charity events where you know he'll be in attendance. I would NOT suggest tracking down his house, his gas station, or his barber shop.

what are golden moon casino level seats at turner field
is golden moon casino a good idea in mlb

- I'm not a fan of gambling, but money talks. Lexus' lease on the luxury level was up and the Golden Moon swooped on in.

is jeff francoeur gay?
is jeff francoeur married?

- As we've covered many times, Jeff is married to the former Catie McCoy.

is mark teixeira a christian?
- Yes.

is matt diaz married braves
- Yes.

is ron gant married?
- Yes.

is there a picture of bobby cox wife-pam
- I've seen her in person several times, but can't seem to find a picture through the traditional searches.

john smoltz is getting married?
- Haven't heard anything about this.

tell me when jeff francoeur married his fiancee in 2007?
- FINE. ;) November 3.

what does beach mean on the atlanta braves uniforms
- "Beach" is the nickname of former Braves player and coach Jim Beauchamp, who died of leukemia last Christmas. The players are wearing the "Beach" patch in his honor for the 2008 season.

what percent of aussies marry their high school sweethearts
- Any of my Aussie readers want to take a stab at this one?

who is dob braves
- The initials "DOB" are short for "David O'Brien", one of the Braves beat writers at the Atlanta Journal-Consititution. He's usually good for a behind-the-scenes story or two. :)

why call mccann heap?
- A nickname given by his minor-league teammates, we've heard it comes from several sources. One, he can sleep anywhere, anytime, two, he's...not the neatest boy, and three, he eats "heaps" of food.

will matt diaz get a contract
will matt diaz start next year in atlanta

- Let's hope so. I'd love to see him here for as long as he'd like to play.

Some of the more weird searches that led people here...

"brian mccann" " married" "ashley"
"matt diaz" defense -lawyer
anusual love stoory
athletic uniform malfunctions
atlanta braves jaw pictures
birth day massage to love one
braves a face tattoos
cute pictures of brian mccann
cute pictures of brian mccann!!
dentist peter moylan
how to taxidermy kangaroo
inside lining of mouth
jeff francoeur with a beard
lauren loves matt more
love is a game to start playing the game
one month one star i love the one we are
tattoo i love lauren
uncontrollable syndrome


far as i'm concerned; love it

Thanks! I love you too!

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