Saturday, May 17, 2008

"There's a true love there"

Bobby Cox said, "They're not brothers, but they're as close as it comes."

I love these two. I kinda feel like the press release told us almost as much as the video, but FRENCHY DANCING. TWICE. I love it as much as Baby did.

In other news, Joe said during the broadcast tonight that Pete is doing well after the surgery. He was in the clubhouse today, feeling great, and apparently had laser eye surgery as well. Good to know he's on the mend!


Anonymous said...

Wow :D. Frenchy and Brian are crazy :D.

we actually went to the game so i wasnt able to catch that.

and thank you for the moylan update, id been wondering

by the way I think this might interest you: ((

it makes me laugh ;D, as for the tattoos, shocking, huh?"

Lauren T. said...

Awww, I bought the yearbook on Opening Day and loved that he said he looks up to Bobby Cox. Kiss up! :D

Anonymous said...

i would just love to him in a rock band as a "professional athlete in another professional sport" or w/e it was, that would be awesome :D

Allee said...

This has got to be the most entertaining video ever.
I love those two to death.
Poor Frenchy, trying to dance. I think Brian needs to try on his dancing shoes, too.
Love the video, and this blog. =]

Jennifer said...

Thanks for putting that up. The dancing was so cute. I love seeing them in their natural habitat like that. Sometimes, BP is more fun to watch than the game.

Did you see the Big 3 outtake at the end of the show? Makes me wonder if they're working on a story about those old farts.

Lauren T. said...

Allee, thanks! :)

Jennifer, it looks like the Big 3 will be featured next week. Maybe we'll get a story about Mad Dog peeing on someone in the showers.

Allee said...

Any idea if this is coming back on anytime soon?
I set up my TiVo to record all the TWIB coming up, but I really just want to see that one. =]

Jo said...

They always play TWIB down here in Tallahassee, but this week that episode didn't air. Instead we saw the Tim McCarver show. Exciting.


Jennifer said...

Ahhhh. Thanks, Lauren.

I love Mad Dog's juvenile sense of humor. I'm sure it gets him smaacked upside the head around the house though. :D He was one of my first baseball boyfriends. Hmmmm, what does that say about me? LOL!