Saturday, August 30, 2008

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs. Marlins 8-28-08

This was the view from section 203! It was a fantastic place from which to watch the game -- and it was Jimmy Buffett night, so there were some fantastic costumes around the park too. :D The guys' jumbotron pics were the best; let's start with some of those:

Okay, kids, let's backtrack to BP. I took far too many pictures of my boyfriend Josh -- if I don't stop, Baby and MattE and Charlie and Pete are going to get jealous. Well, maybe not Pete. I'm pretty sure he knows my face, even if he doesn't know who I am, because he sees me taking BP pics from the same spot, usually at least once per homestand. (I'm not a stalker, Pete! I just love baseball / watching hot men play baseball!)

Speaking of Pete, he looks like some sort of alien with his head shaved. I am not a fan of this. I'd love to know what his lady thinks. ;)

Other unusual things:

- Pete drop-kicked Buddy's glove. Awesome.

- Chipper taking fielding practice. I don't remember ever seeing this before.

- Blaine jokingly shoving Eddie Perez repeatedly as they went to the bullpen. (Thanks to Lizziebeth for that pic!)

- JJ dancing (maybe that's not unusual, ha ha)

- JJ entertaining his friends. Ruben hops in and does a nice little slide-step.

- Baby took BP without any sort of hat or helmet on. I love seeing his little cottontop running around without a hat, but is that safe?

Game time!

- Pre-game stretching pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3 ~ pic 4 ~ pic 5

- I snuck some pics during the national anthem. (shhh!) pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3

- Josh signing autographs

- Charlie and Clint head in from the bullpen

- Charlie on the mound pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3

- "Daaaaaaad, I don't want to hit anymore!"

- BJones comes up to bat to Kanye West's Stronger.

- Hanging out on the top step pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3

- Kelly brought Martin's things out, but not Josh's. Aww, sad.

- Mmmm...Gonzo...

OK, some fun things:

- A pic of Josh's bum, for J.H. who's "here for the butts". ;)

- Baby's home run celebration

- Spotted some TV personalities: Our Katy Temple in the dugout during BP and Boog up in the booth. It's a Krang-like picture, only Boog's not evil and doesn't have a henchman named Shredder. Heh.

And some interesting fan shots:

- An adorable kid, who sat next to us with his guardian, who was eating a bag of melted Sugar Babies as if it was a candy bar.

- The Indian (an unofficial Turner Field mascot, of sorts), hitting on "Hope", one of the Tomahawk Team. She seems receptive.

- Someone famous-looking, with his handler.

- A girl wearing a Bobby Cox shirt.

- Old dudes, one with his foot propped up.

- A guy with a rat tail. A RAT TAIL.

Braves win! Baby gets interviewed by OKT and looks super cute on the jumbotron.

And, the evening ends with the sprinklers turning on. Good times.

(Full album here, with many, MANY more pictures. Enjoy!)


Here are some videos from this game:

Baby's 3-run homer
Charlie montage
BJones' awesome catch

Josh pre-game!

JJ, Ruben, and Gregor mugging for the camera!

Baby post-game!

Charlie post-game!


Crista Michelle said...

Honestly,I like the bald head on Pete. I just have this small hope it grows back.

I blame my sister, the last game we saw him at BEFORE he shaved, she said he needed a haircut. o.0

Jennifer said...

"Butts!" :D

Leah said...

Good game review. I missed Mac being interviewed because we were heading to the buses to get autographs before the guys left. We got a few and saw hot guys in suits, so it was worth it. ;) And some of the guys were rude, lol.

Lizziebeth said...

Oh, Leah, please play Lucy Spillerguts and tell us who!

CABravesFan said...

NO! on the Pete with the shaved head! It just looks weird

How can anyone not love JJ? He is just so freaking adorable:)

Mac always looks so cute when he smiles...thanks for posting the post game interview lauren- I never get to see these unless you post them and I love hearing the guys talk about the game...but poor Charlie STILL looks so uncomfortable in frotn of the cameras!

Leah said...

Well, we got autographs of Manny Acosta, Buddy Carlyly, Mac, Frenchy, Blaine B. and Campillo. Mac and Frenchy are both sooo nice, especially Mac who went out of his way to make sure most everyone had gotten an autograph. He signed the most out of everyone. And made sure after someone dropped their ball that he signed it. He's sooo nice.

We saw all the players, coaches, announcers, etc. make their way to the buses, but some of them, most notably players, just kept walking not even acknowledging that anyone was out there. Only a select few of the coaches signed and they didn't sign much. Players that didn't sign at all were KJ, Josh Anderson, Jo-Jo, Clint Sammons, Omar Infante (at least not that I remember), and I don't think Brandon Jones or Greg Norton did either. Chipper, Ohman, Smoltz, and Bobby all came out last and they were running late. Ohman and Smoltz apologized for not being able to sign because they needed to leave. Chipper did sign one or two, I believe, to everyone's surprise.

My biggest disappointment was in KJ because he came out with Frenchy and people were calling Frenchy to sign and also KJ as well, but he kept walking not even saying anything or looking up from the ground. He got on the bus and was on his phone the rest of the time the bus was there and probably even long after that.

Anyone else you want to know about, just ask, and I'll do my best to remember how they were toward fans. :)

Lauren T. said...

Thanks for sharing, Leah. Josh signed some before the game, but KJ... I saw KJ at a charity event last winter, and while Baby and Frenchy and Bobby and even Glav (before he was officially a Brave again) were all pretty friendly with the non-celebrities, KJ hung back and crowd-watched with his wife. He seemed very quiet...shy, maybe? He wasn't into mingling, that's for sure. I'm thinking it's a character trait, not him being a general buttmunch.

Who knows, that's just my observation. :)

Jessica said...

Wow - awesome stuff, Lauren!

And, fielding practice? When's the last time the Braves did that? Wonder if they did that because the Dodgers or somebody did last last time they were in town...

Allee said...

If you just glance at the picture of Clint and Charlie, it looks like they’re holding hands =]
Cute video of the boys hamming it up for the camera.
And, by the way...I’m 45% here for the butts, too. ;]

Leah said...

Yes, I did see Josh signing before, so he did sign at some point. I thought about that after I had posted that comment.

And yes, I believe your observation about KJ is true. I've heard from somewhere that he's kinda shy and likes to keep to himself a lot (maybe it was on Straight Up, I can't remember). He still could have acknowledged the people calling to him in some way, though, but he really wasn't the only one that didn't. He has signed before because my friends have pictures and what not. But you could tell they were tired and I'm sure he was ready to get to Washington. He also didn't get a hit that night and with him being very hard on himself, he might have been mad at himself and needed his wife to calm him down (or something; he was laughing on the bus when talking on his phone, but I hear he's always on his phone).

I've heard he is nice though when he does sign, he just doesn't sign a lot after games that I hear. I forgive him, though, lol.

Leah said...

Also, here are my pictures of some of the players signing in case anyone wants to see them:

Campillo, Charlie, Blanco, Frenchy, Hampton, Mac (1, 2, 3, 4), & Smoltzie.

Also, my autographs: 1, 2, 3 (if you wish to know about a signature that you can't read, just ask and I'll tell you who's it belongs to. Some are the usual, some are scribbled, lol.). ;)

Lizziebeth said...

Sorry I'm late to the thank you party, but BIG THANKS Leah!! We love first-hand real commentary like that. And the pictures...sigh...great job getting them and autographs!

Leah said...

No problem and you're welcome. Glad I could be of service, lol. I'll be going again to the last home game so I'll probably have more after that and it'll be daytime so the pictures might come out better.

Jennifer said...

Those are great, Leah. Thanks! Great story, too.

The Old, Bearded Man's still got it. ;) Even with his jacket unbuttoned. :D

Jo said...

Is it just me, or does Frenchy look like EVERY frat boy on the planet? Especially with his blue jacket and tan pants! I'm just waiting for him to do a keg stand now.