Monday, August 24, 2009


Hi Lovvies,

What's with all the anonymous hate lately? I do my best to provide you with pictures, off-the-field info and stories, and insightful commentary, but over the weekend I got some rather unfriendly messages through the Meebo box. If you're brave enough to say such hateful things, you should be brave enough not to hide behind anonymity.

1. I don't actually believe in jinxes. I was making light of the situation - it seems to be a funny coincidence that we've lost the last few games I've attended. I've been to 17 games this year, and no, we've not lost them all.

2. I'm not a lesbian, as anyone who really knows me can testify. Nice try. You should look into why you have such hate towards those of a different sexual orientation, ok? We're all people - no one's better than anyone else here.

3. I wouldn't be able to recognize D-Lowe's song even if I heard it. I don't know country music. Instead of telling me, "hey look up..." - if you know what it is, why don't you share it with the group? Everyone benefits from the song list.

To the rest of you - you know what you wrote and you know I have no way of responding. It's cowardly. I hate to think I have readers like that. Most of the ones I've spoken with have been simply lovely people, and I'd like to continue in the delusion that people are generally nice and helpful, not caustic and hateful.

If this doesn't stop, I'm going to remove the Meebo box. I've spoken to some very fun people through there, but it might just be time to take it to email.



Amanda said...


Leave Lauren alone, butt heads!

(The PG version of what I really wanted to call you)

ajgc said...

People are just idiots! You are awesome Lauren!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a regular lurker. But I wanted to add that I think your blog is my favourite (and the only one I check regularly). Don't let some losers get you down, you do a fantastic job. Thanks!

CABravesFan said...

What Amanda said :)

Lauren T. said...

Thanks to everyone who emailed, IMed, or commented. When the good outweighs the bad -- those are always better days. :) Love y'all!

Lizziebeth said...

E-thugs = cowards.

Amy V said...

BOOOOO to the mean!

flbravesgirl said...

Someone actually sent nasty messages to you?! That is beyond rediculous. You are the most positive blog-leader I've ever "met".

slappywhite said...

To hell with the haters. You know who loves you!!

Stacey said...

Man, I hate to hear you're getting some hate. You're my favorite Braves blogger, and you've been very helpful when I had questions about going to the Ted. Don't let a few cowards get you down. You have more fans than haters!!