Thursday, September 24, 2009

More 2009 Braves Rookie Hazing pictures

All these are from Lizziebeth -- thank you SO much for braving the weather and sending over such great shots! :) Click to enlarge!

Reid Gorecki

A drool-worthy Brooks Conrad (lucky Mrs. Conrad, right?)

Tommy Hanson and Kris Medlen. How can you not love these two? :)

Kenshin Kawakami, then KK and interpreter Daichi Takasue (behind McLouth)


Lizziebeth also took some great shots of other boys -- let's take a look.

Lizziebeth said Baby was "sighing". I agree with CABravesFan -- he looks like he needs a hug.

"GQ MattE" indeed. :)

Thanks again, Lizziebeth! See more of her pictures here at Talking Chop.


CABravesFan said...



comments, observations, general thoughts:

Why does Reid look like he's about to...ummm...mark his territory on the grass? (or is it just me?)

Med & Tommy!!!!! Gotta love them- especially my guy Med for looking like walking to a bus in a speedo, floaties and a shirt that says "Peanut Proud" (love that by the way!) while holding the hand of your "roommate" is totally normal and not at all uncomfortable

Ninjas- Love how it looks like they are sneaking up on Nate...

Mac- :D (how does he get away with not wearing a tie??)

MattE- Wow he looks hot in that suit!

Thanks again girls!

Jessica said...

That. is. awesome.

Totally love Tommy and Kris playin' it up. KK looks to be enjoying it, too. And, Brooks is HOT and MattE looks quite sharp. Love love love. Thanks Lizziebeth!

Crista Michelle said...

I see myself in some of those pictures xD.
but those are ten times better than mine :))

Lauren T. said...

Regarding the peanut shirt, they said on Braves Live that they get boxes of t-shirts shipped in all the time, just as promotional gifts for the guys. This was only the second tee they've shown so far this season -- the other read "Keep on Grindin'." ;)

MollyG said...

Love it! And while Brooks does look quite delicious my fave has to be KK. The ninja idea is just great. Oh and MattE looks amazing :)

Alexander said...

Wow, I want to be Matt Diaz.

Ariana said...

Love it all!!! amazing ;)

Heather said...

So does Brooks Conrad have a Tattoo above his junk???? Ummm, still tasty!

slappywhite said...

Where is McCann's wedding ring?

flbravesgirl said...

Thank you, thank you, Lizziebeth! Oh, these are fabulous. And who knew Brooks had a swimmer's tummy to go with the Speedo?

CA, I don't think Nate's wearing a tie either. Baby does look really down. I want to feed him cookies & pat his fuzzy head & tell him it'll be OK.

Matte! Wow. Veerrry nice.

Lauren T. said...

MattE didn't forget *his* ring. Good boy! :)

Amanda said...

Heap looks sad :(

Loaf looks like a Doctor

[I noticed you didn't include the Chipper/GA pics but I'm commenting on them anyway so :)~ ]

Chipper looks skinny (btw, Chipper and Loaf didn't have ties on either, I think just the suit is the "requirement".

Loved the pic of MFIKY and Gonzo too. Lord have mercy I'll miss Gonzo's uh...face..if he's not a brave after this season.

Matty looks HOT!

And the twins are adorkable. <3

Thanks again Lizziebeth!

Amanda said...

Oh and the grind it out shirts? I thought i read in choptalk that they had those made?

flbravesgirl said...

I wouldn't read too much into the ring omission. Catchers' hands take such a beating that I would think there's plenty of days when he can't get the ring on. Then again, he could have misplaced it in his garbage pile of a locker. :-)

Lauren T. said...

Amanda (and others), I posted all the pictures Lizziebeth emailed me. She posted some different ones on Talking Chop, and I added a link to those in the text of the post above.

I don't know if the Keep on Grindin' shirts were promos or ordered, but I was just mentioning those were the only other team graphic tees I remember seeing this year. :)

Amanda said...

I want a team graphic tee. :D