Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coach Glavine

I like info like this!

ajcbraves Tom Glavine sure looks the part of a coach, in no. 47 uni, leaning on bat and watching Braves stretch right now.
ajcbraves He's special asst to prez Schuerholtz now, w/ duties ranging from front-office work to on-field instruction.....
ajcbraves ... and also some broadcasting, which he'll do today when he changes to polo shirt & debuts as tv analyst
ajcbraves Glavine's working w/ Billy Wagner now on Wagner's delivery, w/ Roger McDowell standing alongside. This is cool


flbravesgirl said...

Good stuff. Thanks, Lauren.

slappywhite said...

"Front office work" You think he makes copies and gets coffee?

Lauren T. said...

Copies of his butt when he thinks no one's paying attention, maybe! Ha!

No, I'm sure he's got a Costanza-like office already. If he needs a secretary I've got a friend who needs a job!