Monday, March 15, 2010

S&P bump

DUNEDIN, FL - MARCH 14: Outfielder Jason Heyward #71 of the Atlanta Braves and infielder Freddie Freeman celebrate before play against the Toronto Blue Jays March 14, 2010 at the Dunedin Stadium in Dunedin, Florida.

Atlanta Braves' Jason Heyward (L) and Freddie Freeman do a pregame bump before their spring training baseball game against the Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedin, Florida, March 14, 2010.

How much do I love that these guys are best friends? This has as much amusement potential as McFrenchy... too bad they don't have brother dogs, right? Let's see if they end up marrying girls that kind of look like each other! That would be great. :D


Jessica said...

I hope they both make the Opening Day roster :) What fun that would be!

Lizziebeth said...

Fun photos!

suitecheeks said...

Thats adorable!

flbravesgirl said...

Fun, aren't they? And the fact that they're both gigantically tall adds to the "brother-from-another-mother" thing.

BTW Lauren, my dad was at the Pirates game yesterday & was very impressed with Charlie.

CABravesFan said...

I got to see Charlie pitch a little on MLBN...I <3 him!

As for S&P...I am looking forward to the day they are both on the big team <3<3