Friday, October 1, 2010

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Marlins 9-29-10

Next-to-last game of the regular season for me! Boy, is this getting depressing. :) Thanks to blog readers Chandra and Crista for sharing their season tickets, and letting me sit three! rows! from the field with them for this game. What a great game!!

I went early for batting practice and planned to meet up with Alison, but she didn't arrive till after the Braves ran in after what felt like a very short BP. (Here's her post -with gorgeous pictures- about the game.)

Jonny had some fans in left field, including a very little kid wearing a #39 Venters tee. He tried to toss the kid a ball but it was snagged by someone else! I hope it was someone in the family and not just a random jerk. (There are a lot of ball hogs at the Ted -- let the kids have the baseballs! You're an adult; go buy one. If a player gives you one, that's different... but to steal one from a kid? Bad karma.)

Meds, contraption-free! And Craig, looking super-cute. He's 22, y'all. 22.

Moylan threw a fake right hook at Farnsworth, then ran behind him acting scared! Kyle is amused.

The Marlins came out for BP, and I think Will Ohman knew we were taking pictures of him (from the terrace level), because he was totally posing. :D Love ya, Will! Nitram Odarp! Here are a few shots: pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3  He was yelling "Heads up!" every time a home run flew into the stands, and was talking to some boys down on the wall about baseball stuff. He's so fan-friendly, and I say that in a the best way possible. He always seemed like such a good guy.

The gallery above the bullpen was packed to watch DLowe warm up. Alison got some great pics while Eddie waved at us and Rossy tossed a baseball at him, like, hello, it's gametime! Pay attention! Heh heh. Eddie motioned for us to go over to the side, immediately tossed us baseballs, and we chatted for a bit. He was disappointed we were choosing to sit on the tarp instead of in the seats Faye was holding for us (Hi Faye!), but come on, our view was great over there! I promised him I'd come back and say hi on Friday, and told him to go back to work before he got in trouble again (pointing at Rossy). :D The other people around were not amused that their requests for autographs and baseballs were ignored, but hey, we didn't start anything. He waved at us, he spoke to us first, he tossed us the balls. That's how it works! Also, Eddie's a sweetheart. Hi birthday buddy!

All right, rookie backpacks time!

Moylan hugging Mike Dunn!

Mike Dunn: Tinkerbell

Mike Minor: "Believe in Fairies"

Jonny Venters: Disney Princesses

Cristhian Martinez: Fairies

Craig Kimbrel was blocked from my view most of the time I was snapping these shots, but we already know he has the awesome pink Hannah Montana backpack that matches his cheeks. Do you know how many meebo IMs I've gotten from random girls who looooooooove him? It's a lot. A LOT. He's a cutie.

Let's see, as for the actual game, (which I really do watch and love), Rossy got 3 doubles (awesome, especially for a catcher), Brooksy hit a HUGE home run (that provided all the runs we'd need to sweep the Marlins), our bullpen was lights out (as usual), and Mike Stanton is beautiful. Beautiful.

My camera batteries died before the game was over, but there are some great in-game pics in the full album. Check them out!

Fascinating searches that led people to Braves Love in the last week (actual searches):

- all i do is win win win no matter what what what brian mccann

- best pic of jj braveslove

- brian mccann going bald

- chipper jones married [16 searches clicked through here in one week, no kidding, and yes he IS]

- craig kimbrel cheeks [♥]

- what is freddie freemans entrance song [it's on the tip of my tongue, and I can't come up with it... help, please?!]

Tons more inquiries about Jonny and Craig and a bazillion about Kris Medlen -- is that a hint I need to post more about those three? :)


CABravesFan said...

I love that Scott Proctor is looking at Jonny's backpack like "what the [expletive deleted] is on your back???"

I <3 and will always <3 Will Ohman, but does he look a little...pudgy in the face?

Yes, Lauren, you need to post more about Meds. In fact, I think you should post something about Meds every day. And Mac. Meds and Mac. I like the sound of that :D

McCann Can Triple said...

How are you able to tell what people search for when they find your blog?

Lauren T. said...

CA, Will looks great. I don't know what you're talking about. :D

MCT, I use Google Analytics. It's very helpful!

Lauren said...

Will Ohman tossed me the only ball I've ever gotten at a pro game following BP back in 08 and was very sweet about it, so he has a fan for life in me. Still have it on my bookshelf!