Sunday, October 10, 2010

Specific searches

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I am a dork. ;)

I was bored, and thought it might be fun to count the specific player searches in Google Analytics. These are the active Braves names y'all searched for in the last week that brought you to Braves Love. I didn't include wives or girlfriends names in the search tallies (although that would be an interesting pie chart for another day).

You'll see the player's name, how many times their name appeared in a search, followed by percentage of total searches. Yes, Brian McCann encompassed 31% of all player-specific searches.

Weird searches in the last week? Here are a few...

where does jonny venters hang out? (at Turner Field, haha -- leave him alone, ya stalkers!)
"peter moylan nude" (EW)
craig kimbrel and wife (pretty sure he's not married)
is jonny venters married braves love (not married to me, as far as I know! hee hee)
is [blank] gay (zillions of inquiries about a former player, I'm not going to out him, and I really wish people would quit asking me. Also Hanson & Meds, Mac & Frenchy. Ha!)


flbravesgirl said...

We do love Mac. How 'bout the nice showing for our little Medi? Woohoo!

CABravesFan said...

MAC :D Of COURSE he's tops! I swear that is not all from me ;)
Apparently I need to start "searching" for Meds some more...