Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Huddy selected as one of Atlanta's Most Beautiful People by Jezebel Magazine

photographer Nelson Hicks - source

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Who are Atlanta's most beautiful people?

There's a model, an actor and a baseball player, too. A teacher, a bartender and a photographer made the list as well.

Jezebel Magazine releases an annual list of Atlanta's most beautiful people to coincide with the company's anniversary. This year, the magazine celebrated its 14th anniversary.

"Atlanta is a beautiful city with an equally attractive populous -- an extraordinary mix of professional athletes, actors, artists, philanthropists, executives and 'everyday' citizens performing extraordinary acts of kindness, faith and charity," the magazine noted in its November issue.

When Jezebel picked its choices for Atlanta's most beautiful people, they searched for people whose inner beauty was as impressive as their outer beauty.

Many Atlantans will be familiar with at least one name on the list. Atlanta Braves baseball player Tim Hudson. The 35-year-old pitcher just wrapped up another season for the Braves, notching 17 wins and nine loses. Hudson and his wife, Kim, also started the Hudson Family Foundation.
Full article here. It's funny -- I end up in conversations all the time with people asking me who I think is the "hottest" Brave, the "cutest" Brave, etc. While we don't have many guys come through Atlanta who are Javy-esque, I think Huddy was a good choice from the current team, especially considering his philanthropic efforts off-the-field. (A sense of humor goes a long way for the girls who read here too!)

Congrats, Huddy!

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