Monday, November 29, 2010

2010 This Year in Baseball Awards - Vote Braves!

If you've visited in the off-season, you've seen the site asking you to vote for plays, players, moments, oddities, and other categories. We aren't quite sure when the voting ends, but I've put a box in the sidebar to remind everyone to keep voting while the awards are still open! Here are the Braves up for awards...

Rookie of the Year -- Jason Heyward
click here to see Heyward's highlight videos

Starting Pitcher of the Year -- Tim Hudson
click here to see Huddy's highlight videos

Closing Pitcher of the Year -- Billy Wagner
click here to see Wags' highlight videos

Setup Man of the Year -- Jonny Venters
click here to see Jonny's official TYiB video
click here to see Jonny's highlight videos

XFactor Player of the Year -- Omar Infante
click here to see Omar's highlight videos

Breakout Player of the Year -- Martin Prado
click here to see Martin's highlight videos

Executive of the Year -- Frank Wren

Manager of the Year -- Bobby Cox

Must C Moment of the Year -- two Braves to vote for here! Brooks Conrad's walk-off grand slam and Heyward's home run in his first ML at-bat in the first game of the year.

Must C Oddity of the Year -- two Braves to vote for here! Melky Cabrera's "misfire" (ha) and the ball disappearing in Brooksy's jersey.

Must C Game -- Braves come back and score 7 runs in the bottom of the 9th to win, thanks to Brooksy's grand slam!

Must C Postseason Moment of the Year -- Rick Ankiel's home run into McCovey Cove in game 2 of the NLDS!

I think I have carpal tunnel from voting for our boys, especially a couple I think might not have the best chance of winning in their categories. Vote vote vote!


Alison said...

Question: When does voting end? I form a voting strategy. :)

Lauren T. said...

I asked this to @MLB on Twitter, and a NY MLB writer replied... "I believe that's stil TBD."

I can't find an end date either, so let's just keep voting!